Before / After

Palatine, IL

This Chicagoland community accommodates the parking needs of its residents in a concrete parking garage totaling 28,000 square feet. Although the parking garage is structurally sound, the Board of Directors decided to do some preventative maintenance to the concrete surface for safety and to extend the life.

The solution that Rose Paving proposed provides a non-slip surface that not only protects the concrete but also provides reflective lighting. The project needed to be done in mobilizations to accommodate the residents and the cure time of the traffic coating. 

  1. The first step involved preparing the concrete by shot blasting the entire area and performing dynamic crack repairs (route and fill cracks) where necessary.
  2. Next process is the 3-coat traffic coating. The process involved applying a primer to the floor then broadcasting aggregate sand.  After 24 hours, the sand that did not adhere to the primer is removed.
  3. The next step is the base traffic coating sealant is applied along with another round of aggregate sand until rejection was applied. Once again removing any sand that does not adhere.
  4. And finally a reflective color traffic coating was applied. Once the traffic coating was dry, the entire parking area was restriped with parking lines, ADA symbols, and crosswalks.

The project was to be performed with minimal interruption to the residents. With preparation, repairs, and curing times the entire project took three weeks to complete. The residents were amazed at the difference.  This parking garage will be a little safer thanks to crews at Rose Paving.