The Challenge

Rose Paving Company was tasked with completing 970,463 square feet of parking lot enhancements at more than 75 7-Eleven® locations in the northeastern United States. Quality, time, and project management was of the essence. With just five weeks in which to complete the repairs, Rose Paving assembled a large team to perform work ranging from 2-inch mill and overlay to full parking lot reconstruction at 7-Eleven stores throughout Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia. All procedures occurred during normal store hours so that business could continue uninterrupted, which meant performing work in stages and directing traffic on-site to ensure customer and employee safety at all times.

The Solution

Rose Paving was contracted by Powerhouse Retail Services, which managed these renovations for the world’s largest convenience retailer. Remodels for the more than 1,000 7-Eleven stores on the East Coast included, in some cases, upgrades to both building interiors and exteriors. Rose Paving performed all parking lot repairs in two phases to keep stores fully operating while the work was done. Parking lot sizes varied from 5,000 to 25,000 square feet.

“Our national purchasing power was instrumental in making this overhaul a success,” said David Rivers, Rose Paving director of national operations. “7-Eleven saw the value in completing paving improvements to multiple properties at once, rather than as individual projects occurring separately over time, which helped to save money on materials and resources.”

The Result

The work was completed in a timely fashion without any setbacks. “Working with Rose Paving on this high-profile project has been smooth and seamless,” said Josh Ruple, Powerhouse Retail Services’ vice president of construction services. “Like 7-Eleven, Rose Paving knows the importance of customer convenience and made every effort to ensure that business continued uninterrupted while also managing a safe and productive work area on every site.”