Office building and parking lot.
Real estate value (or its demise) has many variables. On the exterior of a property, wear and tear, timelessness, curb appeal, and upkeep are huge considerations. In order to project a positive image of your real estate and ensure the safety and retention of tenants, it is important to begin on the surface.

Rose Paving has almost 40 years of experience helping real estate property managers nationwide manage the maintenance and repair of commercial- and industrial-center parking lots. Our parking lot management solutions produce cost-effective results that improve longevity of parking lots, deliver a lasting impression, and align with future maintenance strategies.

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Property Value, Timing, & Appearances

A well-maintained parking lot is a key component of a highly valued property. Rose Paving specializes in parking lot evaluations, catching defects, and making timely repairs. Through a proactive process known as Pavement Management Planning (or PMP), defects are identified and repairs are prioritized over a specified period (usually 1-3 years out), reducing decision-making time and effort on behalf of property managers. With this process, it is possible to budget far in advance for services providing greater control over maintenance expenses. PMP can be implemented on one or multiple parking lots in any location nationwide. Work can be scheduled and completed in stages so that access to the property remains open during the entire procedure.

Relevant Solutions: