preventative parking lot maintenance sealcoatingPreventative Parking Lot Maintenance by Rose Paving

Preventative Parking Lot Maintenance is a solution used to prevent further deterioration of a parking lot. It is also the most cost-effective solution to maximize pavement life while minimizing risk. As soon as a pavement first shows signs of wear and tear such as raveling, transverse cracks, longitudinal cracks, or minor block cracking, it is in need of preventative maintenance. Parking lot maintenance includes corrective measures such as crack sealing, sealcoating, and asphalt patching/repair. Effective preventative maintenance is an ongoing process that needs regular monitoring to ensure that rehabilitation strategies are producing predicted results.

Preventative Parking Lot Maintenance Services:

Asphalt Repair and Maintenance for Your Parking Lot

We understand that your parking lot is an investment into your organization. Protect your investment and maximize the life of your asphalt parking lot with a pavement management plan by Rose Paving. We’ll provide routine inspections and ongoing preventative maintenance to ensure your parking lot remains safe and functional for as long as possible.

Common Asphalt Maintenance procedures for parking lots include:

  • Asphalt Repair and Patching
  • Asphalt Resurfacing
  • Asphalt Removal and Replacement

Protect Your Parking Lot Investment

Sealcoating your asphalt pavement with a coal tar or asphalt-based emulsion slows the pavement’s deterioration process by protecting against gas, oil, sun oxidation, salt, water penetration, and hot or cold weather. In addition to routine inspections on the ongoing maintenance in your custom maintenance plan, Rose Paving recommends sealcoat is applied approximately 12 months after the initial asphalt application, and then every 24 to 48 months thereafter to fully maximize the life of your asphalt parking lot.