About Us

When we started out in 1974, we understood that preventative pavement maintenance was serious business. Now, more than ever, proper upkeep of facilities is a critical business requirement. We can provide the insight, knowledge, and resources to help you fulfill prevailing demand and make a great first impression well beyond the surface.

We develop customer relationships so we can better understand your organization, we don’t want to just service your asphalt and concrete.

We are headquartered in Bridgeview, Illinois with strategic business units in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Nashville, Phoenix, and Tampa. Our National Division helps those clients who have properties all over the US but a centralized purchasing function. Our Capital Division is here for those clients that capitalize their maintenance or need help on a larger scale.


In 1974, Alan Rose took over the business from his brother and formally established Rose Sealcoating Company (the company name changed again in 1980 to Rose Paving & Sealcoating before becoming Rose Paving Company in the mid-90’s). Right from the start, Rose Paving began investing in new equipment and additional employees in order to provide a wide-range of maintenance services including sealcoating (added in 1977), concrete repair (added in 1980), and cracksealing (added in 1983).

By 2002, we began strategizing about improving and expanding the business nationwide. We developed a national sales team to concentrate on those customers with multiple properties throughout the US. This proved to be a strong move as sales increased 20-30% annually in the coming years.

As Rose Paving continued to grow, the need for satellite offices became evident. It started with an office to serve the Midwest region (the ‘Chicago’ office) and an office to serve the Western region in Denver, CO. About the time Rose Paving extended Ed Campbell and Chris Tanner partnerships in the business, the Atlanta office was opened to concentrate on the Southeast region. Soon the Los Angeles office was added along with an additional partner, Tim Chimack. Rose Paving acquired DuraSeal Asphalt Sealing and Paving in Tampa and then acquired KFM Striping of Phoenix in 2018 and most recently, added a branch office in Nashville, TN (formerly Pave Coat, LLC.) to expand our footprint in the southern U.S. In 2023, Rose Paving opened a branch office in Houston, TX and acquired Northern Virginia and Maryland Paving and Concrete (NVM) which is headquarter in Manassas, VA and services the states of Virginia, DC, Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina and South Carolina. Additionally, Rose Paving opens South Windsor, CT branch office after acquiring M&S Paving and Sealing.

The Rose Paving LLC has come a long way in 50+ years. Today, with an extensive service offering and customers stretching from coast to coast in the U.S., Rose Paving is the largest service provider focused on parking lot management. Our corporate headquarters in Bridgeview, IL, is home to our management team and our support staff, along with our national division, our capital division, and our special projects division. As we move into the next 50+ years, we continue to make great strides in exceeding industry, customer, and employee expectations.


Success starts with a clear vision. At Rose Paving, our vision is the roadmap to our future; it is understood, upheld, and brought to life by everyone on our team.

We are committed to the growth of our employees and partners nationwide, who help us build trusted relationships that leave lasting impressions on every parking lot!