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Concrete Pavement Services by Rose Paving

Utilized in the construction of elaborate, age-defying structures like the Colosseum and the Roman Parthenon, concrete has been the building material of choice since the fourth century BC. We at Rose Paving honor this ancient tradition by offering preventative concrete maintenance, removal and replacement services to prolong the life expectancy of your concrete areas.

What Is Concrete?

Though the words “concrete” and “cement” are often used interchangeably, they are two different things. Cement is composed of limestone, clay, gypsum, chemical additives, and gravel, and behaves much like flour in a birthday cake. When combined with a coarse aggregate like sand, the mixture becomes concrete.

From precast and reinforced concrete buildings, to the sidewalk and parking garage at your office building, concrete is the most popular building material in the world because it is abundant, affordable, easy to manufacture and exceptionally durable.

Concrete Removal and Replacement | Rose Paving

How Is Concrete Made?

Concrete is made by combining a mixture of portland cement (10-15%) and water (15-20%) into a paste, which is mixed with aggregates (65-75%) like sand, gravel, and/or crushed stone. As the cement and water mix, they harden (cure) and bind the aggregates into an impenetrable rock-like mass.

Facts About Concrete: Concrete Vs Asphalt

Concrete and asphalt are both a mixture of aggregate material (essentially gravel) and a binding agent. Used to create hardened structures, concrete and asphalt are both favored for their strength and longevity, but that’s where the similarities end.

Though concrete is used in the construction of many structures (buildings, walls, bridges, reservoirs, columns, etc.), asphalt is utilized almost exclusively in the construction of load bearing surfaces like roads, pathways, and parking lots.

Commercial Applications of Concrete and Concrete Maintenance

While commercial buildings made of concrete are extremely durable, they require regular inspection and maintenance. These structures include:

  • Flatwork refers to the concrete poured hardscape that creates a walkway, sidewalk, patio or similar structure. Rose Paving is fully qualified to complete any type of concrete flatwork project, including the construction of loading docks, dolly pads, dumpster pads, warehouse floors, as well as concrete repairs and maintenance.
  • Sidewalks – Though sidewalks aren’t subjected to heavy loads like parking garages and ramps, they are under constant exposure to the elements. If your sidewalk has obvious cracks and grime, concrete maintenance services like crack filling, power washing, and a protective coating will immediately improve its appearance and prevent future damage.
  • Parking Garages – Your parking garage may look invincible, but heavy loads and exposure to water, road salt, oil and gas leaks undermine its structural integrity over time. Cracks, chipping, and erosion are all signs of significant damage. Depending on the extent of the damage, necessary concrete maintenance services may include waterproofing, post tension repairs, expansion joint replacement, or even removal and replacement.
  • Curbs, Borders and Edging – Cracked and crumbling curbs are aesthetically unattractive, but they also allow water penetration, which leads to significant damage to the surrounding pavement. In fact, one of the best ways to protect the life of your pavement is to waterproof your concrete curbs borders and edging.
  • Concrete Entryways – Your entryway is the face of your business. How it looks can say a lot about you. Loose concrete, cracks, and holes at the threshold of your business not only look unappealing, they’re also a potential liability. Fortunately, our concrete maintenance services include crack filling, concrete stabilization, and protective coating application.

How Do You Maintain and Repair Concrete?

Damaged concrete is not only aesthetically unappealing, they are a potential safety hazard and a looming liability. If you see cracked concrete and damaged asphalt around your property, it’s time to call Rose Paving for a consultation.

We’ll work with you to establish a plan that meets your needs, then get to work removing and/or replacing the deteriorated and damaged concrete that plague your commercial structures. Contact us here to get started.

Julio Chinea and the Rose Paving team have earned being my first and last call anything asphalt/concrete related. Response time, communication, and follow up are excellent; i highly recommend them!

Heather Smith, Free Market Ventures

“Rose paving is one of our national partners. We use Rose numerous times throughout the year to do repairs and paving. They are an excellent company to work with. Responsive, quality driven and cost effectiveness are a few things that are important to us and our clients and Rose is able to hit the mark on all of these. My job was completed in a timely fashion, with great communication throughout the process and stayed within our budget.

I would recommend that you give Rose Paving a try, you won’t be disappointed — 5 star service and a great customer experience!”

Gary Steele, Senior Vice President, ION Facility Services

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Rose Paving has decades of asphalt, concrete, and maintenance experience across a wide range of markets.


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