Concrete Removal and Replacement

concrete removalAs concrete progresses through its lifecycle, areas become more and more deteriorated, when concrete is too deteriorated for preventative services, the concrete will need to be removed and replaced. Concrete removal and replacement of deteriorated or damaged material is vital because it prevents further deterioration and reduces possible liabilities.

Before beginning the removal and replacement repair, evaluate the concrete area for underlying problems. Such as areas with heavy traffic, unusual activity or anything that may put strain on a concrete structure. Understanding these conditions allows for the correct adjustments to be made during the replacement and ensure a long lifespan for the concrete. For example, many properties with heavy traffic areas like dumpster pads, fall below the recommended specifications.  The current asphalt pad needs to be replaced with reinforced concrete pads in order to withstand the extreme weight.

Rose Paving’s Concrete Removal and Replacement Process

concrete replacementThe concrete removal process begins with saw cutting and excavating the deteriorated concrete to the specified depth below the existing grade, and then complete removal to a legal dump site. The exposed base is re-compacted to ensure a stable base for the replacement of concrete.

Replacement begins with forming and pouring the specified inches of concrete over the given area following specifications and reinforcement as noted for the project. Expansion and control joints will be furnished as needed. Finally, the surface is hand-trowel or brush finished.