Storm Basin Drainage

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Catch/Storm Basin Maintenance and Repairs by Rose Paving

Catch basins and storm basin drains provide essential pavement runoff and drainage in the event of running and/or standing water. They also serve as a junction for the existing storm drain system.

Though time and water will eventually degrade the structural integrity of your catch basin, Rose Paving can rebuild and/or repair your storm drain before the next storm sends flood water rushing across your parking lot.

A dry well basin is a drainage system designed to carry water away from your home and perhaps direct it across the property before it runs to a public storm-water system, dry well, local water body or into the ground.

Catch Basins (or Storm Drains) and Why Your Lot Needs Them

Though they are often used interchangeably, there is a difference between catch basins, storm drains and storm sewers. A catch basin is, in essence, a hole in the ground designed to “catch” the water that runs off of pavement structures like parking lots and roadways. Water drains from the catch basin along the storm drain to the storm sewer, which carries the water away from the area.

In other words, a catch basin is one part of a storm drain which connects to the local storm sewer system. The whole system works to provide drainage to roads, parking lots and similar paved structures.

Why Catch Basins and Storm Sewers Break?

Catch basins and storm sewers degrade over time because of the sheer volume of water that flows through them. Cracks in the bottom of the catch basin can lead water to leak, creating a void beneath the basin.

The catch basin then sinks into the void, creating a hole that is evident on the surface of the pavement. In the Midwest and other regions affected by seasonal climates, frost can lead to heaving, wherein moisture seeps beneath the catch basin, freezes (expands), then melts, leaving a void beneath the catch basin.

In either situation, the catch basin must be removed and the void beneath filled before the project is considered complete. For more information on catch basin repair, contact Rose Paving. We’ll talk you through every situation and develop a catch basin repair or replacement plan that fits your needs.

Catch Basin Storm Basin Maintenance and Repairs | Rose Paving

How to Maintain, Adjust or Repair A Catch Basin

If you’re considering a DIY repair to a catch basin, be sure that a qualified contractor is on site. Since the catch basin connects to the local sewer system, you should not approach catch basin installation, repair or maintenance as you would other construction projects.

The potential consequences of a botched catch basin installation, repair or adjustment project could lead to significant damage to the local sewer system, leading to a costly repair for which you will be financially responsible.

The best way to conduct Catch Basin Maintenance and Repair for Parking Lots is to contact Rose Paving to:

Extricate the existing catch basin frame(s)

  • Install the necessary size frame and/or adjustment rings
  • Reset level(s) for proper drainage
  • Backfill the hole with hot asphalt mix
  • Use heavy tonnage rollers to form a smooth surface.

Follow the link for A Closer Look At Catch Basins or to read our article on 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Catch Basins.

Photo showing newly installed Storm Drain Catch Basin

Catch Basin Services By Rose Paving

In many cases, there is no proper drainage in a parking lot, which prevents water from running off of the pavement. In these cases, storm basin installation is typically the best possible solution, so long as there is a location to tie in the drain pipes, or enable water to run off.

Catch Basin Installation

To install a new catch basin on a commercial property, Rose Paving will begin by assessing the number and location of catch basins on your parking lot. In many cases, a uniform slope was not achieved throughout the paved surface, leaving low spots for water to pool.

Catch basin installation begins by excavating those low areas as needed and installing a precast concrete catch basin with necessary adjustment rings. Next, a cast-iron frame and lid is installed on the basin and set at the appropriate height for proper drainage.

The excavated area is then backfilled with crushed aggregate, which is then leveled, and compacted. Finally, reinforced concrete is installed around the perimeter for added strength and durability.

Catch Basin Replacement by Rose Paving

Catch basin replacement begins with a survey of utility locations on the property. The perimeters of the area(s) is then excavated or saw cut to enhance compaction and appearance. The existing decayed block or precast concrete catch basin is then excavated and disposed of at a legal dumping site.

A precast concrete catch basin with necessary adjustment rings is then installed and connected to the existing drainage lines. The existing cast iron frame and lid will be reinstalled on the new basin and reset at the proper height for proper drainage. The excavated area(s) are then backfilled with crushed aggregate, leveled, and compacted.

Rose Paving will then furnish and install hot asphalt mix which will be compacted and rolled to match existing grade. We also provide the option to install reinforced concrete, in place of asphalt, for added longevity.

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