Tampa, FL

Today, more and more churches are finding that re-purposing existing buildings into their home churches helps the community, the environment and is more economical. Such is the case at CityLife Church in Tampa, FL.  In 2013, CityLife Church bought a closed Albertson’s Grocery Store and turned it into their main campus.

Aerial photo of CityLife Church

This year, the Church decided it needed to repair and refresh its parking lot. With many projects already on his plate, Pastor Mike needed a partner he could trust to do the work correctly and independently. He didn’t need to look far, as Rose Paving had just completed a 420,000 square foot asphalt overlay at the neighboring plaza. He had seen the red Rose trucks, and received a recommendation from the plaza’s onsite Manager. 

Tampa church completed parking lot repair

Pastor Mike met with Rose Paving’s Tampa office to assess the situation.  There was plenty of work to be done.  The concrete F-curb around the parking lot islands was cracking and chipped, there was root damage from trees within the islands, and in some cases a hazard to pedestrians. The driveway in the rear of the church had deteriorated as well, requiring 2 inches of asphalt repairs. Team Tampa went to work and provided a project site map and cost projections, assuring Pastor Mike that the work would be done in an efficient and timely manner.

Aerial of parking lot striping in Tampa FL

Pastor Mike decided to go with Rose – and was assigned a dedicated Project Manager to ensure the project went off without a hitch – and allowed him to focus on other issues. The Project Manager jumped in and worked with Pastor Mike’s event schedule to create a project plan that worked for everyone. He provided a color-coded map for excellent communication and then went to work.

There were several issues to deal with from curbing, tree removal, and black topping, but all were scheduled and planned accurately and effectively. Even when an obstacle was placed in the way, the team rallied together to accommodate the request.

Once all the asphalt repairs and concrete repairs were completed, the 181,000 sq ft parking lot needed two coats of sealcoat to protect it from the Tampa sun.  After the sealcoat dried, the 329 parking stalls and 10 ADA handicap stalls were re-striped along with ‘No Parking’ stalls and fire lanes.  Rose Paving had delivered a safe environment and a fresh new look.


Today it’s hard to find companies that are on top of things from start up to completion.  Our experience was first class.  Having a project manager really set my mind at ease knowing he would make sure we would get what we paid for while I was busy with the normal activities.

– Tony Stewart, Senior Pastor at CityLife church

The CityLife Church is now ready for whatever the future brings.