Naper Aero Club is a private residential airpark community founded in 1953. In the late 1980’s, pilots began building private residences on the airfield and today the community has grown into a group of friends and neighbors who share a unique passion for flight.

An airpark community or fly-in community is specifically designed around a smaller airport. The residents generally own their own plane and have a hanger attached to their property. The driveways intersect with the taxiways which feed into the runway(s). Most airparks are privately owned and the airport is for the resident’s use only.

naper aero club runway repair and restoration

The Challenge

Naper Aero Club has 2 runways – one 2,575 ft. asphalt runway and one 1,750 ft. turf runway. There is also 320,000 ft. of taxiways. naper aero club runway before picture

As part of the normal aging process, this scenic community was experiencing cracks and potholes on the asphalt runway and taxiways from wear and tear over the years. The community decided to repair the areas with extensive damage and maintain the remainder of the asphalt, as the most cost-effective solution.

Because this is a community of active pilots, the airfield gets plenty of traffic. Therefore, project management was going to be a key consideration in executing the success of this project which necessitated strategic scheduling of the work while keeping portions of the airport open.


Rose Paving did a thorough evaluation of the asphalt and the client’s needs.

After several on-site meetings and walk-throughs of the property, the repair scope was determined and included:

  • Milling and resurfacing of the deteriorated asphalt
  • Full-depth patching of fatigued cracks
  • Cracksealing to repair weathered cracking
  • Sealcoat to maintain the asphalt
  • and lot marking to properly direct traffic
rose paving cracksealing runway at naper aero club

Since the scope of work spanned the runways and taxiways, it was critical to plan the repairs to limit the amount of time they were under construction. In particular, taxiways to and from the community hanger needed to be available. Rose Paving staggered the work into 3 phases so that at any one time, there was always a taxiway with a direct intersection to the runway available.

Rose Paving staggered the work into 3 phases so that at any one time, there was always a taxiway with a direct intersection to the runway available.

rose paving sealing runway at naper aero club

In the first phase, the milling, resurfacing and patching work was done.

The second phase included both cracksealing and sealcoating the entire area, which include both taxiways and runways.

Due to the amount of surface area covered and the cure time needed, the cracksealing and sealcoating work was staggered over a 3-day period.

rose paving marking runway at naper aero club

The final phase involved the lot marking.

Marking is always the final component of a project and considered by some as the most important. It was imperative to designate the pedestrian versus aviation traffic areas.


The project was a huge success.

Despite typical Illinois weather delays, everything was finished before the first official day of summer – the non-official kickoff to the flying season.

The freshly sealed runway and taxiways gave the aero park a whole new look.

We want to mention what a pleasure it has been working with Rose, throughout the entire process, from beginning with Kevin, to the work scheduling with Fred. The crews worked hard, were easy to work with, and it was simply a pleasure. Let me put it this way, Rose Paving met our expectations, and then some.

Craig Vander Kolk, a current board member

I’m sure we’ll be using you folks in the future. Meanwhile, if you need any references please feel free to pass them my way. Thank you and your guys for doing a great job for us. We appreciate it very much!

Mike Pastore, current board President