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Rose Paving is the top-rated parking lot paving and asphalt company for all your commercial parking lot and paving maintenance needs in the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area.
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Pavement and parking lots in Texas take a beating due to extreme heat and heavy rainfall. Fortunately, the team at Rose Paving Dallas understands the nuances of DFW weather and how to keep commercial parking lots in the best condition possible.

Rose Paving Dallas offers full asphalt maintenance, cracksealing, sealcoating, storm basin repair, parking lot striping, and parking lot management in Dallas and the surrounding DFW area. Rose Paving Dallas provides unbeatable service and ensures Texas ADA compliance with every project, no matter the scope or size.

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Dallas Asphalt Maintenance Services And Preventative Solutions

Parking Lot Paving and Maintenance in Dallas Texas.

Rose Paving works with businesses to plan cost-saving parking lot maintenance plans that extend the life of asphalt and concrete. Rose Paving’s local Dallas team has extensive knowledge on a wide range of preventative parking lot maintenance to keep your facilities costs as low as possible. Preventative services include preventative paving repairs, asphalt resurfacing, sealcoating and infrared repair, and more.
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Halts the spread of existing cracks and increases the overall lifespan of your pavement. Prevents water and debris from accumulating within the cracks of your asphalt surface. Cracksealing and pavement repair when you first notice deterioration can lead to significant cost savings and delay expensive parking lot resurfacing needs.
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A sealcoat consists of either refined tar pitch or asphalt cement mixed with inert fillers, water, emulsifying agents and additives. Applied in thin coats, sealcoating is used to protect off-highway pavement surfaces against gasoline, oil, salt, water, and ultraviolet rays.
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Storm Basin Drainage

Storm basins (or catch basins) are primarily used to collect pavement runoff and act as a junction for a storm drain system. Flooding occurs when they don’t function properly, which is why you should contact Rose Paving for storm basin repair before it rains again.
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Pavement Marking and Striping

Does your parking lot look like a black void? Introduce some order to the chaos of your unmarked lot with Rose Paving’s parking lot marking and restriping service in Dallas. Striping and stenciling is available in a variety of colors.
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Rose Paving Dallas is well-equipped to perform a wide variety of concrete repairs to curbs, sidewalks, dumpster pads and concrete raising. We also offer concrete caulking and concrete patching services upon request.
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Infrared Repair

If you notice potholes, pavement heaving, uneven surfaces surrounding catch basins, or rough surfaces in drive lanes or parking stalls, it’s time to consider infrared repair. This unique method blends hot-mix asphalt right in with the original and then compacts the area to create a seamless restoration.
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Asphalt Patching and Repair

Rose Paving’s asphalt patching and repair service in Dallas is the easiest way to eliminate the unsightly cracks and potholes plaguing your parking lot.
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Parking Structures

Even the strongest concrete requires on-going maintenance and regular repair. Common services include reconstruction or expansion of a parking facilities, re-pour of walls and columns, resurfacing existing concrete flooring, installing a trench drain or replacing areas of asphalt with concrete.
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Rose Paving Dallas – Commercial Asphalt Paving Services

Rose Paving is the preferred paving contractor in Dallas due to our decades of experience in commercial asphalt, paving, and parking lot maintenance. Our Dallas office provides exceptional asphalt services to our valued clients in DFW, North Texas, and into Oklahoma. Contact our team to find the Rose Paving team nearest you.

Top Rated and Award Winning Asphalt and Parking Lot Maintenance

So easy to work with. Estimator went out of their way to make sure we had an accurate depiction of what was recommended and that we could select options to balance out our cost. Rose provided a detailed timed schedule of what to expect, and their crews hit those times perfectly. I have received many thank you’s from our residents for having such a professionally completed and looking result.

Dan N, St. Pauls Square HOA

Very professional, accurate, neat and crew was awesome.

HOA Resident

I recently received excellent service from Rose Paving. Everyone from the sales, project manager, site supervisor and workers gave their 100%. I received good communication from everyone, and the project went flawless. All of our residents were also happy with their service. I would definitely recommend them.

Elias Almazan, Mayslake Village

I have used Rose Paving when I was in charge of a building at Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, Illinois. The service I received there was excellent on that project. Rose Paving has once again shown with their service here on the Aurora Turner Club project why they should be #1 on anyone’s vendor list for asphalt and parking lot maintenance projects.

Thank you Kevin, Sean and all of the other people that make Rose work efficiently and quickly.

“I would like to thank you for the prompt and courteous service that I received on the repair and sealcoating of the parking lot at our school. It looks great. I would also like to let you know that crews that were on site were very prompt, courteous, and professional. I would like to thank them as well. I will definitely recommend your company and will certainly consider your company for any future projects.”

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Industries/Markets We Serve

Rose Paving Dallas has decades of experience in commercial asphalt and parking lot maintenance in a range of markets.
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Patient care and safety go hand in hand. A properly maintained parking lot aids in directing patients and personnel quickly and safely around the facility. Rose Paving stays current on all regulations, including ADA guidelines, to ensure projects are completed within specifications.
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Rose Paving has an efficient and proven process to help retail facility professionals prioritize parking lot maintenance, make a great impression on customers/employees, and save valuable time for the ever-busy facility manager.
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Homeowners Associations

One of the prime drivers of satisfaction with community association homeownership is overall community appearance. Rose Paving has 48+ years of experience helping community associations nationwide manage the maintenance and repair of communal parking areas, streets, and/or pathways.
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Real Estate

A well-maintained parking lot is a key component of a highly valued property. Rose Paving specializes in parking lot evaluations, catching defects, and a proactive process known as Pavement Management Planning, meant to reduce decision-making time and effort on behalf of property managers.
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Business/Consumer Services

In the fast-paced business world, a lot depends on the right timing. This is especially true with parking lot maintenance. Rose Paving can help busy facility executives catch defects and correct them when repairs are most economical.
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To compete in a marketplace saturated with hotels and restaurants, facility managers in the hospitality industry must provide clean, safe, and comfortable environments. Our parking lot management solutions deliver cost-effective results that improve longevity and appearance of parking lots, maximize traffic flow, and save facility managers valuable time.
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Religious Institutions

Religious institutions are extremely busy facilities. Not only do they nourish souls, but most provide community services throughout the week as well. With such continuous use, it is no wonder that religious facilities are in constant need of maintenance. Parking lots are no exception. Rose Paving performs on-site evaluations of parking areas and can educate facilities personnel on how to spot warning signs of pavement failure.
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Educational institutions need a system in place to keep facilities healthy, clean, and well maintained on an on-going basis. Parking lots are no exception. When short on staff and time, it is especially important to consult the experts in parking lot management. Rose Paving performs on-site evaluations of parking areas and can educate facility managers on how to spot warning signs of pavement failure.
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The award-winning team of paving professionals at Rose Paving Dallas is ready to tackle your paving needs and to provide you with the seamless and exemplary customer experience you expect from 50 years of expertise. If you’re ready to see why we’re considered award-winning, contact any one of our locations today by phone or email.

Contact Rose Paving today to obtain a quote or speak to a specialist about your Dallas asphalt project.

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