Spotlight on Stripe Mastery: Our Feature in Callape’s ‘Pavement to Perfection

Rose Paving / May 13, 2024

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Exciting news! We were featured in an article on Callape’s website called “From Pavement to Perfection.” In it, our very own “Captain Striper”, Mark Estrada Jr., who is a Co-founder and Director of Operations at Marathon Solutions Group, a part of Rose Paving company, talks about the ins and outs of parking lot striping. This feature showcases the hard work and attention to detail our team puts into every project, from start to finish.

The article provides a step-by-step guide on how to properly stripe a parking lot, covering everything from the initial safety checks and setup to the final touches of paint. It’s packed with helpful tips from Mark, who has years of experience. He stresses the importance of measuring carefully and doing things right the first time with his motto, “Measure Twice, Stripe Once.” This highlights our commitment to quality and precision.

We’re thrilled to see our work being recognized and can’t wait to share the article with you. It’s a great look at how we turn parking lots into well-organized, safe, and visually appealing spaces. Check out the full article on Callape’s website. We’re proud to lead the way in parking lot striping and are excited for what’s next!

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