Sport Surface and Athletic Court Maintenance

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Rose Paving understands that regular maintenance and repair of sport surfaces means better safety and enjoyment for both athletes and property owners. We offer resurfacing, line striping, crack repair, and maintenance for sport surfaces and outdoor athletic courts.

Property managers and facilities managers for groups like HOAs, Country Clubs, Health Clubs, Athletic Centers, Golf Courses, and even residential properties can all benefit from safer, stronger, longer-lasting, and more enjoyable outdoor sport surfaces.

Outdoor Athletic Court Maintenance

Rose Paving leverages a variety of products to provide the best quality and longest life possible for your sport surfaces. We use 100% acrylic resins that offer long-term durability and protection from the natural elements. These products also offer strong resistance to the sun’s damaging UV rays. These products mean a longer life for your sport surface and less repair over time, saving you money.

Rose Paving specializes in the maintenance for a variety of popular outdoor sport surfaces, including:

  • Tennis Courts
  • Basketball Courts
  • Pickleball Courts
  • Multi-Use Game Courts
  • Playgrounds and Outdoor Sports Areas

New sport surfaces and athletic court construction both require new striping and surface marking to ensure a safe and beautiful area for visitors. Rose Paving offers striping and surface markings for new construction of tennis courts, basketball courts, pickleball courts, and other outdoor sporting surfaces.

Sport Court Surface Repair

Cracks and age on outdoor sport surfaces and courts reduces the playability of the sport surface and can even damage sporting equipment. Uneven or unsafe sport surfaces can increase the risk of trips and falls, resulting in injuries and liabilities for property owners. What’s more, aged or cracked sport court surfaces allow water to seep into the court’s subbase, which leads to deterioration and further wear and tear on the surface.

Rose Paving offers sports court surface repair, maintenance, and crack repairs to ensure flaws and cracks are repaired with durable material, providing a safe and even sporting surface.

New Installation for Sport Court Surfaces

New sport court installation requires a specific and differing approach compared to the repair or maintenance of an existing sport surface. Rose Paving offers ground-up installation for sport court surfaces, and we can even help design the ideal sport court for your property. Rose Paving offers a single, expert-level point of contact for all sport court engineering, permitting, and installation needs, including excavation, stone work, paving, concrete, fencing, electrical, sport surface coatings, and hardware needs.

New sport court installations may only be available in certain regions and climates. Contact a Rose Paving team near you to inquire about sport court installation in your area.

Outdoor Sport Surface Maintenance

Ongoing sport court maintenance can extend the life of your property, attract more visitors, and prevent liabilities and safety hazards.

Consistent use of sport surfaces, especially in high-traffic sports areas like tennis courts, pickleball courts, basketball courts, and other multi-use courts, leads to wear and tear on the surface and requires maintenance. The team at Rose Paving can evaluate your sport surface onsite to identify cracks, damage, holes, faded lot markings, and other areas that may need maintenance.

To maintain sporting surfaces, we lay down a series of layers of material to fill in cracks, seal and smooth the surface. Specialized acrylic materials are applied in a designated order to ensure the desired color, evenness, and finish are achieved.

With regular maintenance and repair, Rose Paving can extend the life of your sporting area or outdoor court, saving you time and money on facilities maintenance and helping your athletes perform at their best when they visit your property.

If you have questions about maintaining your sport surface or are looking to install a sport court, reach out to the team at Rose Paving for a quote.

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