Your 2018 Paving Resolutions – Tips for Planning Your Paving Needs

Rose Paving / January 23, 2018

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Promise today to pave the way for effective, long-lasting parking lots this year

The New Year is the perfect time to set personal and professional goals that will ensure a successful 2018. Over more than 40 years working with facilities and property managers, we’ve learned what makes a successful pavement management strategy, and we know the steps it takes to get there. From establishing a Portfolio Management Plan to understanding the difference between structural and preventative maintenance, we’re here to share our top tips to start the year out strong. Welcome to 2018: the year we’ll work harder, soar higher—and fix that persistent crack in your pavement, for good.

Map out a budget for the year

It’s easiest to stay on budget when you know what expenses to prepare for upfront. We’re experts at serving properties in a diverse array of industries and can help you know exactly what to anticipate for your 2018 maintenance needs. The life expectancy of a well-designed and well-built parking lot ranges from 15 to 20 years, but only in combination with proper routine maintenance. Your budget should include annual lot-marking, biennial sealcoating and regular cracksealing for maximum protection. Work closely with a reputable paving company to keep your costs to a minimum by being proactive and avoiding unexpected expenses when small problems become big ones.

Make a portfolio management plan

Adopting a proactive approach to pavement maintenance is a powerful tool that stretches your maintenance dollars and helps avoid massive asphalt removal and replacement expenses. Rose Paving specializes in creating unique Portfolio Management Plans to help our clients reduce their risk and avoid wasted time and resources by planning ahead for the services they need and being honest about the services they don’t. Read about how strategic pavement management can benefit your company’s properties and contact us to learn how we can significantly extend the life of your pavement. We work closely with our clients to think long-term and create a plan around their budget and their needs.

Finally fix that persistent crack in my lot

We all have that one pesky crack, but even if it’s tucked away in a far-flung corner of your property, it needs to be addressed. Cracks, especially in the winter, run the risk of expanding as water, or other debris like sand or stone, enters the crack and stresses the surrounding pavement. Effective cracksealing will help prevent water from weakening the base and extends the lifespan of your pavement by minimizing crack growth. See how Rose Paving can double the life of your pavement with asphalt patching or cracksealing, and then resolve small cracks before they mutate into big ones that require costly resurfacing.

Find a national paving partner

If you’re a national company, you need a national paving partner that can streamline your operations and guarantee peace of mind. Rose Paving has a trusted alliance of partners across the nation, providing the expertise, volume of work and sufficient manpower pass on savings from our economies of scale without compromising the final product. We believe that you should be able to expect the same consistent quality of service on your parking lot in Michigan as you do in Mississippi, and have a single point of contact helping you manage all your properties, no matter where they are. Learn more about how to pick the right national paving partner on our blog.

Schedule preventative maintenance to reduce repairs

Preventative maintenance is the key to preventing further deterioration of a parking lot that’s more costly and time-consuming to fix: it maximizes pavement life while minimizing risk. Corrective measures like crack sealing, sealcoating, and asphalt patching can increase the lifespan of a parking lot while avoiding large-scale repair projects that could interfere with business operations and cost substantially more. Make it a goal this year to work with a paving company that prioritizes preventative maintenance and is committed to monitoring your lot and ensuring that that your service strategies are producing results.

Rose Paving’s resolution for 2018 is to continuing being the leading national provider you rely on to care for your properties. We promise to offer the same high quality service and support that we’ve become known for, and to show clients new and old what it means to experience the Rose Paving difference. Contact us today to see how we can get started.