Winter Pavement Maintenance Solutions

Rose Paving / January 16, 2018

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Snow covered parking lot

Learn more about pavement maintenance services that can be performed year-round

Out of sight, out of mind? We respectfully disagree. Just because your parking lot is covered in snow doesn’t mean that everything is fine under the surface. In fact, winter is one of the most important times to proactively inspect and repair pavement damage, because risks of injury and accidents are higher in the wet, icy months.

While winter poses many challenges to parking lot maintenance, Rose Paving has worked to find solutions we can perform even during the coldest times of the year. Protect your clients and your business by understanding your options to maintain your parking lot through the winter.

Crummy Catch Basins

After several freeze-thaw cycles, the surfaces around your properties’ storm basins will likely be uneven, and therefore less effective. Catch basins help collect pavement runoff and protect your storm drain system, which is likely working overtime to funnel out melted snow and rain. We employ infrared technology to even out surfaces and prevent further damage year-round, including during the coldest winter months. Keep your drainage systems running smoothly by inspecting your storm basins for uneven surfaces, and call in the experts sooner rather than later to prevent this small problem from getting bigger.

Critical Cracks

While some contractors might tell you that cracksealing season ended in November, we’ve learned how to make it work when needed on dry winter days. No matter the season, we know it’s essential to stop cracks in their tracks and fill them before they expand and threaten the structural integrity of your parking lot. Our experienced crews will squeegee hot crack filler directly into your pavement’s crevices; when it dries, the crack filler expands, moving with the pavement as it expands and contracts with the temperature from season to season.

Perilous Potholes

Hidden under snow or filled with treacherous slippery ice, potholes are especially hazardous in the winter months. Protect your customers and minimize your business’ liability by fixing potholes before they grow. Infrared asphalt technology is an effective and speedy solution for potholes and can be performed year-round by experienced technicians. This technology blends hot-mix asphalt with the existing pavement and compacts the area to guarantee a seamless restoration so the problem won’t resurface.

When the weather outside is frightful, our delightful crews are committed to maintaining your pavement to make it easy and safe for customers to visit your business. Contact us to see what cold-weather solutions we offer that can meet your needs today.