Industrial Paving

Rose Paving / January 09, 2018

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Industrial Building
Four tips for maintaining industrial building parking lots

Routine upkeep of industrial facilities is key to maintaining a safe and productive workplace. Pavements at storage facilities, manufacturing plants and distribution centers tend to see heavy traffic loads and require a surface that can withstand extreme weight and continuous use. Keep your property in optimal condition by following these simple tips.

Schedule routine service early to prevent damage before it occurs

Routine preventative maintenance is a proactive approach to prevent costly, time-intensive repairs that can interrupt day-to-day business operations. For example, regular inspection and maintenance can prevent a crack from evolving into a pothole. An experienced paving provider who understands your industry’s needs can help design a long-term maintenance plan, with a combination of services like cracksealing and lot-marking to ensure your parking lot is always in good working order.

Conduct maintenance in phases to reduce interruptions

We know it’s costly to shut down an industrial facility for even a few hours, so at Rose Paving we schedule these jobs to be completed in phases. Our project managers will work closely with you to understand the site’s layout and business patterns and then design a work plan around your operations. Many industrial facilities run around the clock, but our teams do too so as to make the most of every moment.

Get an accurate budget estimate to avoid costly surprises

An accurate estimate is critical to choosing which services are needed and scheduling them strategically based on your budget. When damage exceeds expected wear and tear, a proactive maintenance plan can help curb costs and prevent structural issues from worsening. Work with a paving company that provides accurate cost projections and completes projects quickly to save yourself time and money.

Limit liability by maintaining a clear, brightly marked work areas

Safety is critical in any job, but the stakes are much higher when there are industrial vehicles and heavy loads being transported around the facility. Ensure that your paving team puts safety first and uses the appropriate barricades and cones to mark off work areas. Bright signs or a flagger can direct traffic so drivers see that work is in progress and know to use alternate routes for business operations.

Rose Paving has more than 40 years of experience working with all kinds of industrial clients, so we know your most common concerns and are well equipped to address them. Contact us today to learn how we can design a custom maintenance plan for your property that will minimize disruption for you and your customers.