Predicting Your Paving Needs

Rose Paving / January 02, 2018

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cars parked in a well-pave parking lot

How to anticipate paving projects throughout the year and plan ahead

As a national service provider, our clients manage multiple properties with large-scale, recurring maintenance needs. Our wide network lets us offer prompt, high-quality work across the country, and our commitment to service means pairing each client with a single point of contact, regardless of their portfolio size. To tackle big jobs that extend across several states or regions, we rely on the accurate scopes of work so that our clients and our team can anticipate their paving needs. Our expertise in industries from hospitality to healthcare and everything in between helps us to predict what key services will best serve each property.

Here are the three principles we build on to map out a custom maintenance plan for each client’s unique needs.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance in Advance

Careful planning translates to big savings, since regularly scheduled maintenance reduces the need for bigger, more expensive repairs. By designing a custom long-term maintenance plan to fit each client’s budget and goals, we’re able to significantly extend the life of your pavement and only pitch the services you need, when you need them. This way, we’re thinking ahead about your pavement, addressing small problems before they cause structural damage, and making sure that our teams are preparing to service your properties before you even realize you need them.

Plan Around the Seasons

Whether you’re located in sunny California or weathering the four full seasons in Chicago, our crews are always thinking about how the weather will affect your pavement. We know that it’s best to sealcoat and re-stripe parking lots in the hot summer months, the importance of checking for damage after storm seasons, and when exactly to start preparing your parking lot to withstand the winter. Aligning your preventative maintenance schedule with the seasons allows us to streamline operations, reduce costs, and pass on the savings onto you.

Consider Our Clients’ Calendars

We’re proud to have expertise in many industries, and even prouder that we earned it 48+ years of maintaining long-standing relationships with our clients. That legacy helps us to understand the needs of new businesses as well as those we’ve known for years, and to optimize our service scheduling so that we maximize efficiency and minimize disruption. For example, we know to schedule services for educational institutions during school breaks, and we work on public holidays to get the job done for businesses that are open around the clock most of the year.

Working with Rose Paving means starting 2018 armed with a comprehensive Portfolio Management Plan (PMP), a custom maintenance schedule optimized for your business, and the confidence of partnering with a team that understands your paving needs for the year on day one. Contact us today to see how we can get started.