Rose Paving Southern California – Office Profile

Rose Paving / January 30, 2018

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Rose Paving Southern California

From Santa Clarita to Costa Mesa, our team has you covered in SoCal

Rose Paving’s westernmost crews and account executives wake up every day, rain or shine, ready to tackle paving needs all across the region. Whether that means solving a client’s problem before they think to ask, or tailoring paving plans around the needs of a unique business, we’re committed to getting the job done right the first time. Rose Paving is a trusted name all throughout Southern California, and these recent successful projects will show you why.

Solving problems creatively

Recently, one of our clients came to us with a drainage issue: water was constantly flowing over their parking lot, inconveniencing their employees and clients and ruining their paved surface. Their request? Come up with a cost-effective solution to increase the lifespan of their asphalt and solve their flooding problem. Our engineers showed up with our service crew to study the area, and recommended they replace some of the asphalt with a concrete gutter to catch runoff and prevent their asphalt from deteriorating as quickly. Once we sent over our proposal and the clients eagerly agreed, we got to work removing the damaged asphalt, set the forms and poured a new concrete gutter. Now, their paving has a new lease on life and is ready to weather any thunderstorms SoCal throws their way.

Phasing projects around client needs

A busy truck yard called us in this year to do major repairs on their asphalt—without disrupting their traffic flow. Our engineer and project manager studied the layout of the yard and devised a plan to phase our work over several days so our client’s work could continue, without compromising the integrity of their paving project. While there was little downtime to work with, we managed to repair thousands of square feet of asphalt on two action-packed Saturdays, then came back to sealcoat and stripe their entire property on two more weekends, getting the job done while the clients enjoyed their days off. We made sure to keep efficiency and safety front of mind so that we got the job right the first time, ensuring our client could continue operating their business uninterrupted.



Paving by night to get the job done  

Our Southern California crews recently completed a massive job in just 24 hours. The client was a huge nation-wide retailer, and needed the jobs to be completed over the holidays during the rare occasions when their store was closed. The night before the holiday our crew got busy prepping the property to be sealcoated as soon as possible, working in limited light to work ahead so things went smoothly on the big day. The next morning, we sealcoated the area and began the lot-marking process, striping more than 500 parking stalls and 19 ADA-compliant lots to make parking a breeze for their customers. We also painted 77 arrows to help direct traffic smoothly and safely. Our finishing touch? We squeegeed the front of the parking lot near the entrance to smooth over existing cracked asphalt and to ensure they made the best possible first impression on their customers.



Paving and maintaining properties across Southern California is no easy feat, and our team out west makes us proud day in and day out with their commitment to excellence. Their professionalism, creativity and work ethic are evident in every project and their work embodies the Rose Paving difference. Learn more about the areas that our Southern California team serves and contact them to make sure your next project is in good hands.