Paving Best Practices for Banks & Financial Institutions

Rose Paving / February 06, 2018

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Bank Parking Lot

Five ways Rose Paving serves banks nationwide

Banks are central to people’s day-to-day lives, with many account holders visiting at least once a week. Whether your client is stopping in for a quick cash withdrawal or making a scheduled meeting with an advisor about their finances, they deserve a seamless experience that begins in the parking lot. Rose Paving has worked with banks all over the country to give their clients the best service possible before they walk through the door. Here’s how we do it.

Provide thoughtful parking lot configuration

Bank parking lots are uniquely busy, with plenty of traffic, plus drive-through teller stations or ATMs that require careful planning. Work with a team who sees both the big and small picture, who can make sure the overall traffic flow is safe and ensure that individual drive-through lanes are wide enough. A thoughtful, navigable layout that utilizes the space efficiently and strategically can reduce confusion and the chance of a collision.

Limit liability and injury risks

Regular maintenance can keep your pavement free of potholes and your sidewalk free of cracks to reduce the risk of injury. Limit liability by following an annual maintenance plan and conducting regular inspections on your property to find small problems before they catch you off-guard. A safe, well-maintained parking lot makes your clients feel welcome from the moment they pull in or set foot on your property.

Phase maintenance to avoid disrupting service

Banks are bustling places, and the last thing any manager wants is for parking lot repairs to disrupt business. We work closely with property managers to schedule service around the bank’s peak periods and business hours, breaking projects up into phases if necessary. Our crews work on weekends and public holidays so we can do our work without affecting your ability to do yours.

Schedule ongoing preventative maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance ensures your lot stays in tip-top shape, reducing liability from trip hazards and providing your clients with a consistent experience they can rely on. Ongoing preventative maintenance also helps banks avoid costly, large-scale capital improvement projects that can disrupt service. Following a maintenance plan keeps a parking lot running smoothly for all guests.

Meet and exceed ADA compliance

Patrons from all walks of life visit banks, so it’s wise to make sure they are accessible to everyone. Rose Paving keeps up to date on ADA regulations and ensures all of our clients’ parking lots meet or exceed ADA compliance standards. For financial clients, paying special attention to anticipating needs, like providing ramps and optimizing parking lots for handicapped parking, goes a long way in improving the customer experience.

Our best practices draw from 48+ years of paving experience, and we’re proud to uphold the high standards that we’re known for across the country. Contact us today for a free project estimate or to learn more about how we can help with your paving needs.