Why You Need an Annual Maintenance Plan

Rose Paving / February 27, 2018

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Predict your annual maintenance needs to protect your pavement

Property managers often feel like crystal balls: expected to foresee the future and pull maintenance predictions out of thin air. Luckily, Rose Paving has pavement management down to a science and can help you anticipate your paving needs for the year ahead. Once we’ve designed a custom maintenance plan for your properties, scheduling preventative maintenance is easy: it will automatically extend the life of your lot so you can focus elsewhere. Here are our top tips for mapping out a long-term Pavement Management Plan that will save you time and money.

Act quickly to stop problems from worsening

Preventative maintenance is the first step to safeguarding your parking lot from future damage. This approach stops cracks from becoming potholes, or worse, spreading and damaging the structural integrity of your pavement. Preventative maintenance includes treatments like sealcoating, which minimizes the rate at which water enters pavement to mitigate expansion and contraction. Save yourself the hassle and expense of asphalt resurfacing and replacement with regular sealcoating and cracksealing to stop small problems from becoming big problems.

Limit liability with immediate repairs

Uneven surfaces aren’t just unsightly: they can present a real safety hazard, and your company will be liable for any damage or injuries they cause. Protect your employees and customers by making your property as safe as possible. Preventative maintenance helps preempt uneven surfaces and potholes that can endanger drivers and pedestrians, but regular inspection is key to detecting irregularities before it’s too late. Small issues can be addressed immediately with treatments like infrared asphalt repair, or a quick asphalt patch to avoid traffic interruptions and minimize lost revenue.

Stretch your maintenance dollar with planning

An annual maintenance plan with an emphasis on preventative treatment is a budget-friendly alternative to reactive pavement repair. Not only does it postpone the need for costly and time-intensive structural repairs, it also minimizes surprises and enables you plan—and budget—for the future. While there are some issues outside of anyone’s control, like natural disasters or unexpected downpours, preventative maintenance prepares your parking lot for the worst and will help you weather any storm in one piece.

Our more than 40 years of experience have made us experts in meeting the needs of many different types of properties, and we love to create a unique, custom plan for our clients. Contact Rose Paving today to see why we’re the most trusted name in the paving industry.