Top 5 Post-Winter Pavement Repairs

Rose Paving / February 27, 2018

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post-winter pavement damage

How to inspect your lot for post-winter damage

Whether your region’s season is brutal or mild, winter weather can wreak havoc on pavements across the nation. Given the heavy snow we experienced this year on the east coast, we’re preparing to inspect and service pavements from Chicago to Florida and everywhere in between. Seasonal preventative maintenance can protect your parking lot from temperature changes, severe water damage and potholes, but when snow plows and road salt are added to the mix, it’s important to assess for damage after the thaw.

Start by conducting a thorough inspection of your properties with a service provider to inventory the damage and devise a targeted maintenance plan. This checklist will help you know what to look for in your post-winter damage evaluation.

Check to see if pre-existing cracks have worsened

If you didn’t seal your cracks before the cold set in, make sure they didn’t expand during the wet winter months. Cracks allow water to seep into the sub-base; when that water expands and contracts with the freeze/thaw cycle, small cracks can become potholes. That can mean more expensive work down the line if not addressed properly.

Look for new damage, including divots or potholes

As the snow thaws, potholes and divots that have gone undetected may emerge. These damages can be caused or aggravated by crack expansion or snow plow damage. You’ll want to protect drivers and pedestrians by patching and sealing these holes in your parking lot and sidewalks immediately.

Examine surface evenness

We can’t overstate the importance of even, level paving to prevent injury and accidents and avoid costly liabilities. Our crews can patch asphalt and grind down concrete to immediately reduce the liability risk that comes with tripping on uneven surfaces.  Once we take a look at the damage, we can put together a plan for full removal and replacement as needed.

Identify any areas that need asphalt fills or sealcoating

Celebrate the end of the winter months by booking the services that weren’t available during the cold, like sealcoating and asphalt filling. This measure of preventative treatment can extend the life of your parking lot and save you on large maintenance plans over an extended period of time. Make a comprehensive map of every area on your property that needs attention, and schedule service as part of your long-term maintenance plan.

Schedule a Consultation

As you survey your properties, bring in an expert to the damage if it looks severe. An experienced paver will be able to address immediate hazards quickly and make note of areas with grade depressions or large sections of interconnected cracks that might need resurfacing. With a little planning, you will be able to prioritize work on a short and long term basis.

Rose Paving’s expertise in seasonal service and long-term pavement management makes us the best in the business for performing not only post-winter repairs, but also routine maintenance that will reduce your need for emergency repairs. Contact us today to see how our portfolio management plans can save you time and money.