Continuing Education: The Rose Paving Way

Dave Rivers and Jose Valdez / March 13, 2018

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Sealcoating a parking lot

Why you can trust a team that’s committed to learning and constantly improving

As a pioneer in the paving industry, Rose Paving is accustomed to leading the way and exceeding expectations. We want to remain at the forefront of our field, which is why our culture values continuous learning for all of our office personnel and field teams. From fortnightly “toolbox talks” with our crews, to boot camps that push our project managers to be the best they can be, we’re always looking for new ways to empower our staff to exceed your expectations. Read on to learn how we turn that knowledge into better service and bigger savings for you.

Working smart to maximize efficiency

No client wants their parking lot closed, or for traffic flow to slow, so we train our teams to finish jobs on time and work creatively to minimize interruptions. Jose Valdez, Director of Field Operations, says that constant cross-training is essential to providing efficient service. While crewmembers each have specific roles, around 90 percent have experience in other positions and teams, allowing them to adapt to any unexpected paving situation. “A job can be small one day and ten times bigger the next,” Valdez said. “If we need to bring in extra personnel, I need them work efficiently without being instructed.”

Acting as the single point of contact for our customers, project managers are critical to a job’s success. In addition to extensive onboarding and training when they start, we host annual boot camps for our management team to educate them on new initiatives and software to continue the seamless customer service experience we’re known for.

Keeping up to date on best practices

Rose Paving is constantly refining and updating our best practices for all services we provide and all industries we service. Continuing education is essential to learning and applying those new protocols in the field. Project managers discuss and refine our customer service and project best practices together during boot camp, while superintendents from all satellite locations collaborate to constantly improve the quality of our work in the field.

We value our relationships with our clients and the lessons we can learn from them. It was a subcontractor we had been working with for decades who introduced us to infrared asphalt technology before it was mainstream: after seeing it in action, we leapt to make infrared one of our key offerings to provide cost-effective and innovative solutions for our customers.

Guaranteed consistency across sites

Not only does Rose Paving strive to exceed industry standards in our work, we also pride ourselves on delivering that high quality of service consistently all over the continent. Bringing our regional teams together to discuss, brainstorm and troubleshoot helps us constantly improve our processes and service offerings, and pass those benefits on to our customers.

Dave Rivers is the Senior Director of Operations, and believes continuing education efforts are vital to maintaining quality and consistency. “Whether you’re in Utah or Tampa, we want to deliver a similar end result and customer experience,” said Rivers. Our yearly Alliance Conference brings together our top subcontractors from across the country to ensure that our turnaround times, paperwork processes and quality control are standardized across the board.

Constant improvement and a desire to excel is part of the Rose Paving difference. Our continuing education efforts empower our employees to better advocate for your projects and provide you the best service possible. Contact us today to put our knowledge and experience to work for you.