What to Expect from a Rose Paving Site Consultation

Rose Paving / March 14, 2021

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What to Expect from a Rose Paving Site Consultation

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All Great Parking Lot Projects Begin with a Great Consultation

As one of the largest national paving companies in the U.S., the Rose Paving team understands just how vital an onsite parking lot evaluation can be to the success of your parking lot paving project. We’ve been in the industry for decades, and we know exactly how daunting a big project can be. Scope, timeline and budget are important to consider, but where do you begin when calculating these factors? A parking lot site evaluation is essential to produce an accurate, thorough plan for repairs and maintenance, and be sure you’re making the best decision for your parking lot. Read on to learn more about Rose Paving’s complimentary site consultation.

What is a Parking Lot Site Evaluation?

During a site evaluation, Rose Paving’s professional site engineers walk the lot and conduct a thorough physical inventory. We’ll take measurements and photos to get a full picture of the lot’s existing conditions, down to the smallest detail. Our staff will check catch basins, sidewalk curbing and parking bumpers to find damage before it becomes an issue.


The site evaluation is an open process, and we welcome property managers to walk the lot with us to discuss concerns and ask questions.

After the Parking Lot Site Evaluation

At the end of a site evaluation, you can expect a complimentary parking lot proposal, including photos and maps. The conversation doesn’t end there, and the proposal can be tweaked based on your needs and budget. Our project managers are happy to offer alternatives that suit different price ranges and still accomplish your parking lot goals. For example, instead of an expensive, traditional 3-inch mill and overlay, we might suggest a 1-inch mill and overlay and a regular maintenance treatment to preserve the pavement’s appearance at a lower cost.

Experience The Rose Paving Difference

We begin every project with the goal of saving customers time and money in the long term and can demonstrate the cost savings that come with regular preventative maintenance. Over the years, we’ve perfected our proactive approach to keeping parking lots in tip-top shape year-round, while also learning the nuances of paving in various industries. No two parking lots are the same, and our teams are at the ready to find solutions tailored to your business.

All of Rose Paving’s basic site evaluations and consulting sessions are complimentary, meaning that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by booking one today. Work with our teams to find the best course of action for your business and your parking lot.