Catch Basin Facts: 8 Things You Didn’t Know

Rose Paving / March 11, 2021

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Our Trivia Series continues with a collection of fun facts you may not have known about catch basins.


Here are 8 Things You May Not Have Known about Catch Basins by Rose Paving:

1. What is a Catch Basin?

Catch basins (commonly referred to as storm basins or storm sewers) are underground chambers topped with grates.  They allow sand, sediment, and other materials to settle out of storm water before it travels to a detention basin or drain lines.  In parking lots, catch basins are installed to collect water from low-lying areas to prevent flooding or other water damage.

2. Do Catch Basins Need To Be Adjusted? Yes.

Over time, catch basins may need adjusting to ensure that they are properly draining water from the surface.  Common causes of deterioration include weak mortar, water erosion, salt, recurrent freeze-thaw cycles, age and heavy vehicle traffic, to name a few.

3. There are Different Types of Catch Basin Repair

There are varying repairs for catch basins based on the severity of damage: full catch basin rebuild, top-half rebuild, and concrete ring replacements.

4. Are Sinkholes and Catch Basins Related? Yes.

A sinkhole is often the sign of a damaged catch basin and poses a major liability to property owners.

5. Sinkholes can Develop Near Faulty Catch Basins

Sinkholes can develop in areas adjacent to catch basins because pipes, leading to or from the basin, collapse and water begins to erode the stone base supporting the asphalt.

6. Repairing Catch Basins is a Multi-Step Process

Once the deteriorated catch basin has been repaired, the area surrounding the basin can be repaired with either asphalt or concrete.  Concrete provides an added benefit in that it is more durable than asphalt.

7. Catch Basins Can Be Installed Even if There is Currently No Drainage

If there is no proper drainage in a parking lot or there is simply a low-lying area that holds water, a new catch basin can be installed.

8. Regular Catch Basin Maintenance is Critical

In addition to performing remedial repairs on catch basins, regular cleaning is essential in helping catch basins function properly.  This repair method involves the use of a vacuum truck to suck garbage, leaves, and mud from the bottom of the basin.


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