What You Should Know About Catch Basin Repair for Parking Lots

Rose Paving / April 23, 2021

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Catch Basin Repair for Parking Lots: Tips and Information

Catch basins are a parking lot’s best friend when wet weather hits. As the first line of defense against heavy rain, catch basins collect and drain pavement runoff to prevent standing water on your lot. Not only is standing water unsightly and inconvenient for visitors, but it can also accelerate crack growth and damage the rest of your pavement. Whether your parking lot faces summer rain or melted snow, it’s important to keep your catch basins maintained year-round for maximum efficiency. Rose Paving can help.

What is a Catch Basin?

A catch basin is an inlet to a storm drain system and typically includes a grate to filter out large debris, and a sump to catch sediment and debris. Water collects in the basin until it reaches a pipe connected to an underground storm drain system that takes the water to a local water treatment plant or stream. Catch basins are predominantly made out of concrete and can be reinforced with concrete collars.

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Importance of Regular Catch Basin Maintenance

Given a catch basin’s exposure to the elements, some common causes of deterioration are water erosion, recurrent freeze-thaw cycles and the presence of salt or other chemicals in the stormwater. Not only that, weak mortar, aging and vehicular traffic can damage catch basins and render them less efficient. Parking lot managers should ensure that the sump is regularly cleared of debris—either by hand or a vactor truck—and conduct regular inspection of the areas around the catch basin.

Catch Basin Replacement and Repair by Rose Paving

Regular inspections and preventative maintenance can help you identify and fix problems before a catch basin completely deteriorates. If a catch basin on your property stops working, Rose Paving’s experienced staff can inspect the lot to determine the best course of action. Depending on your budget and the cause of deterioration, our experts will outline a plan to completely replace the catch basin or repair the damage.

During a replacement, our team will locate all the utilities, excavate the existing catch basin and install a new one connected to the proper drainage lines. Then, we’ll install the iron frame for proper drainage and backfill the excavated levels with hot asphalt mix or reinforced concrete. When it comes to repairs, we often install adjustment rings to reset the level of the catch basin for proper drainage and add concrete collars to reinforce the mouth of the catch basin.


Even though we’re in the thick of summer, it’s only a matter of time before a wet winter hits. Take a proactive approach to your catch basins and parking lot drainage to avoid standing water and protect your pavement from the elements.


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