The 2015 Printers Ball in Chicago, IL

Rose Paving / July 15, 2015

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The 2015 Printers Ball, sponsored by Spudnik Press Cooperative, was held at the Hubbard Street Lofts in Chicago, IL.

The Steamroller Spectacular used artists’ print blocks and the parking lot to create banner-sized collaborative prints.

Rose Paving was proud to be the steamroller creating these one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

Over 300 artists hand-carve various sizes of wooden blocks to reflect their art. The blocks are then collaged into various 8-foot long combinations that are used to create the banner-sized prints. The collaborative block is then covered in printers ink and placed on the surface of the parking lot with a bed sheet placed on top. Next, the steamroller smoothly rolls over the printing sheet applying pressure so that the images on the wooden blocks are stamped onto the printing sheet. The sheet is lifted off the wooden blocks, the images are transferred and a work of art is born.

On Saturday, July 25, Spudnik Press will host an opening celebration with live printing, a toast to the artists, and the opportunity to purchase the commemorative banners as well as individual prints.