Asphalt Removal & Replacement in Bridgeview, IL

Rose Paving / July 07, 2015

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Jobsite Location: First Service Residential, Bridgeview Place in Bridgeview, IL

Project Scope: Asphalt Removal & Replacement of four drive lanes and one driveway, for a total of 24,615 square feet.

Procedure: Edges are sawed and tailored to better suit the process of asphalt placement. A cold plane milling machine removes cracked, deteriorated asphalt to the stone base. The existing stone is then regraded and recompacted. A binder course is then installed over the stone and compacted with multi-ton vibratory rollers. A layer of new asphalt is then applied to the surface, raked to even out any discrepancies, and steamrolled to compact and solidify the asphalt surface. Once completed, if a second layer is required to even out certain spots the process is repeated. Storm basins are left untouched and worked around. When the asphalt is down and completed, steamrollers compact the material to assure correct leveling and strength.

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