Project Profile: Crackseal the ‘Old Plank Road Trail’ for the Will County Forest Preserve

Rose Paving / July 30, 2015

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Jobsite Location: Old Plank Road Trail

Project Scope: Asphalt Joint / Crack Route and Fill of the 20 mile trail that runs from Joliet to Park Forest.

Procedure: The crack is first routed out using a routing machine. The machine creates a ½-inch deep by ½-inch wide reservoir / channel for the crackseal material. Next, an air compressor is used to clean out the channel to make sure it is free of debris and dust. Hot material is then injected into the channel, using a wand with a special tip and flush filled.

The heated material (375 – 400°) includes rubberized asphalt, low modulus rubberized asphalt, fiberized asphalt and asphalt rubber. It adheres to the channel like glue. Because of the rubber content, the crackseal allows the asphalt to expand and contract as necessary without continuing to crack.

Asphalt should be cracksealed every 2 – 3 years to prevent more costly repairs such as resurfacing or reconstruction.

Feel free to Contact us today if you would like more information on this efficient repair method or if you have any questions!