Rose Paving’s Creative Projects

Rose Paving / August 21, 2018

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Rose Paving's Creative Projects

How our employees think out of the box and execute unique projects

By Eliot Smith

Since Rose Paving was founded in 1974, we have earned and maintained our reputation as experts in the field. Our consistent preventative maintenance services have earned us the trust of numerous partners and allowed us to work on a multitude of projects. We’re excited to feature three creative projects that allowed us to learn new skills, stretch our abilities and impress our clients.

Paving for our furry friends

Rose Paving loves dogs, so we were thrilled to help build a dog park for a residential community in West Covina, CA. It was our first time executing a project like this, but our long-time customer trusted us to rise to the challenge and perform solid work. The process started with grass area removal, where we demolished existing sidewalks and evened out 2,042 square feet of grass, using a multi-ton vibrating compactor to pack it flat. Then, our contractors who specialize in dog parks installed eco-friendly turf and brought it all to life. Finally, we formed and replaced all sidewalks surrounding the dog park, including pads for our furry friends’ water fountain! This project required creative thinking and seamless collaboration, and we’re proud to have pulled it off.



Thinking creatively to get the job done

Working on the LA Convention Center is not your everyday job. Luckily, Rose Paving Southern California was more than able to take on the challenge. Hundreds of thousands of people visit the convention center every year, so our project manager worked hand-in-hand with staff to block out only the portions we needed so as not to disrupt the busy stadium. Then, our crewmembers restriped new ADA stalls per city-provided designs to adhere to the latest ADA regulations. We also added non-concrete bumper blocks to aid their LEED certification. Shout-out to the crews who worked tirelessly to remove the old paint from the concrete floor so that we could restripe without confusion. It’s the small details that make all the difference.



Paving the Way for Creativity

Last year, our Chicago team had the exciting opportunity to work with a production company to construct their set in the middle of a stadium parking lot. Over three phases, we installed an asphalt pad for a VIP tent and covered catch basins with steel plates so we could pave over them temporarily to ensure an even surface. We also installed temporary asphalt ramps, pads and curbs to guide pedestrian traffic, facilitate equipment staging and prevent water collection. After the performances were over, our crews came back to remove the temporary structures and return the parking lot back to its original condition. We were honored to have played a part in the production and helped such a talented team.



Rose Paving prides itself on its wide range of paving work and its unique approach to every project. Our experienced project managers and crewmembers are able to take on any job, big or small. We can’t wait for you to see our work in action. Contact us for an estimate today.