Pre-Winter Pavement Repairs

Rose Paving / August 22, 2018

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5 ways to prep your pavement for the cold

Cold, wet weather is your pavement’s worst enemy, but preventative maintenance can be your pavement’s best friend. We recommend our clients address their concrete and asphalt concerns before the frigid temperatures and ice-cold wind roll in and exacerbate paving problems. Here are five pre-winter repairs you should be making right now.

1. Prioritize your parking structure

If your parking structure has been accumulating damage and you’ve been holding off on repairs, make a call to your trusted paving provider today. Water and cold weather can encourage cracks to grow, and bad weather can delay work. Make sure that customers can get to your businesses safely by addressing these concerns today.

2. Solve your storm basins

Storm basins protect parking lots by collecting and siphoning off water. Standing water on your property can cause pavement to deteriorate at a faster rate, especially when it freezes and expands with the cold. Prepare your storm basins to work overtime this winter by adjusting them for pitch, inspecting them for damage and reinforcing them for the months ahead.

3. Patch up potholes

Potholes are more likely to flare up in the winter and can become more dangerous and expensive to repair. Plus, potholes and snow are a dangerous combination; so patching them now can save you and your guest’s many accidents down the road. Asphalt plants shut down for the winter, so get the service out of the way while you can.

4. Cracking down on cracksealing

Water is a major cause of pavement damage, and there’s a reason that cracksealing is considered to be the first defense against pavement deterioration. Water seeps into cracks and makes them expand. In the winter, pesky freeze-thaw cycles can make cracks double in size. Get in front of potential damage by cracksealing your pavement and protecting it from the wet weather ahead.

5. Schedule your sealcoating

Sealcoating season wraps up in mid-October, so if you want to get the service done before the cold weather sets in, now’s your chance. Sealcoating makes your parking lot impervious to spills, keeps your lot looking shiny and new and minimizes the rate that water enters the pavement. This service makes a world of difference to the way your parking lot looks and feels.

Proactive maintenance is the best defense against the winter chill, and Rose Paving is the best company for the job. Download our PDF Guide to Pre-Winter Repairs and Enlist our services today to get your parking lot ready for winter.