Manage Risk with Proactive Paving

Rose Paving / July 31, 2018

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Manage Risk with Proactive Paving

Everything you need to know about paving and risk management.

A property manager is responsible for safety throughout the premises, and that begins with the parking lot. Cracks, potholes and uneven surfaces are trip hazards that can lead to car accidents or pedestrian injury. Learn more about how regular preventative maintenance can help you address and prevent these risks and keep your parking lot safe for all.

What to look out for

Insurance companies that conduct annual inspections of properties often require trip hazards to be fixed before the policy is renewed. Prevent risk by conducting regular assessments and noting problematic cracks and potholes or loose bumpers on your pavement, and scanning your sidewalks for uneven surfaces or crumbling curbs. Taking inventory of these imperfections and where they most frequently occur enables you to get ahead of the damage and informs your long-term pavement maintenance strategy.

Addressing trip hazards

Slip and fall injuries are the single largest cause of ER visits every year, and the third largest cause of workplace injuries. Luckily, Rose Paving’s solutions are designed to make parking lots, warehouses and more safe for our clients’ customers and employees. Avoid accidents or injuries completely by working with a paver that responds to trip hazards promptly. Cracksealing services stop cracks in their tracks, while infrared asphalt repair and patching can fix larger problem areas. Our full suite of concrete repair services can repair uneven surface areas and erase the first sign of a crack.

Preventing the risks

Taking a proactive approach to risk management saves you time and money. Instead of addressing repairs every time they arise, work with an experienced paving company to develop a pavement management plan (PMP) that reduces trip hazards and parking lot imperfections overall. A PMP consists of regularly scheduled maintenance and lot assessments, and once it’s in place, you can rest assured your parking lot is in good hands.

Given the financial and reputational costs of an accident or injury sustained on your property, the smart move is to proactively limit pavement risk. Avoid messy lawsuits, pricey repairs and higher insurance premiums by working with a paving company that has your best interests at heart. Contact Rose Paving today to learn more.