A Pavement Management Plan Can Extend the Life of Your Parking Lot

Rose Paving / July 15, 2018

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PMP: Pavement Management Plan

Custom PMPs save property managers time and money.

Parking lots are huge capital expenditures, but thinking a few years down the line will protect your investment and save you thousands. Proactive and routine maintenance is key to reducing possible liabilities or large-scale repairs that can cost you and your business. Learn more about how a pavement management plan can help you minimize liability and maximize the life of your parking lot.

What a PMP is and isn’t

A pavement management plan (PMP) is not a quick fix for errant potholes and cracks. Instead, think of it as an investment into the structural integrity of your parking lot that reduces the chance of future potholes. A PMP takes a long-term approach to parking lot maintenance and ties together various services to stretch your maintenance dollar. Preventative maintenance today limits the need for costly, time-intensive repairs in the future.

The Rose Paving approach to PMPs

All PMPs begin with a site inspection where our experts make note of crucial factors like traffic flow and delivery zones. Our consultants inventory imperfections, locate high-stress areas and assess pavement condition so that we can suggest solutions tailored to your funding and desired pavement outcomes. In the strategy evaluation period, we create models to determine future pavement condition and find a long-term solution.

Once a solution is agreed upon, work schedules are produced and priorities and budgets set. Our crews perform pavement maintenance and rehabilitation procedures as scheduled. You can rest assured that our team is taking care of your parking lot. Condition data is collected regularly and monitored to ensure that the proactive maintenance strategies are producing the predicted results. Plans are flexible and can be adjusted to meet specific needs.

Customized solutions for your parking lot

No two parking lots are alike, and we would advise property managers to work with an experienced paving company to find the best plan. Pavements in different climates will require different types of maintenance, and there are countless industry-specific nuances that you’d want your paver to factor in. For example, we schedule services for schools and universities during breaks and have years of experience working around retailers’ and distribution facilities’ delivery schedules.

No matter what your industry is or where your properties are located, Rose Paving can craft a PMP that achieves your goals on your terms. Work with our paving veterans to manage all your parking lots and save your team time and money. Contact us to learn more.