The Day I Went from the Ice to the Asphalt

Andrew Merrick / July 09, 2018

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Director of Sales Canada Andrew Merrick reflects on joining the Rose Paving family and the one-year anniversary of Rose Paving Canada

I have been around the game of hockey for my entire life. My father Wayne played in the NHL for 12 seasons and was part of four Stanley Cup-winning teams. I went on to have my own career, albeit not as good as my dad. I played four years at the University of Michigan and won a national championship in 1998 with the Wolverines. After university, I started working in the hockey industry. One of the greatest things about hockey is the relationships you make and the people you meet. You never know when meeting the right person can take you down a completely different path in your life.

One such night happened in late April of 2017. It was a normal night at the rink sitting in the stands watching my 11-year-old practice. I was checking emails and keeping an eye on practice.  That particular night in April, Rose Paving Canada’s Director of Operations Jon Hillebrandt sat with me in the stands. Jon, in his own right, had a great hockey career. He played goalie for former Division 1 University of Illinois, Chicago. He also was drafted and signed by the New York Rangers, and was part of the 1994 USA Olympic Hockey Team. Our conversation quickly shifted over to work. I had seen Jon drive around in his Rose Paving truck for a few months and knew he worked for a company that was involved in paving, but I didn’t know much else.

Jon spoke a ton about the people in the company. He talked glowingly about our CEO, Ed Campbell, and the familial, all-hands-on-deck attitude that Rose Paving embodies. Yes, we are very good at parking lot maintenance, but the engine of the company is the trust that is built between Rose Paving employees and the clients they represent.

I am a big believer in things happen for a reason. Sitting with Jon that night at the rink is one of those times. I met Ed a few weeks after Jon and I hit it off. Jon was right in everything he said about Rose. The culture and the people are impressive. They are hungry and looking to be more than just another asphalt company. We strive to help businesses manage their properties more effectively through conversations and collaboration.

Ed Campbell and Rose Paving were in the early process of getting more involved in the Canadian marketplace. A few jobs had been successfully performed over the past few years, but they did not have anyone dedicated to building relationships in Canada. They were seeking the right person to embrace the Rose Paving culture and bring it to Canada.

After some discussion with Ed Campbell and COO Chris Tanner, I decided to leave the ice for the asphalt. I had been in the hockey business in one way or another for over 30 years. For me, the opportunity to work for a company that looks at their employees and their customers as more than just business, was one I could not pass up.  Also, the chance to start a new company in Canada, where my entire family is from, was also very exciting.

I can’t believe it has been one year since Rose Paving opened its first Canadian office. Last May, I  took a chance on a company and an industry I didn’t know very much about. In the first year, I have been to Calgary, Ottawa, Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto, and plan to be in many more Canadian cities in year two and beyond. Year two promises to be very exciting for Rose Paving, and I am excited to be a part of it!

One thing that is constant throughout my travel this year is that parking lot owners want their lots to look good and perform well. The first thing people see when they arrive at your business is your parking lot, and in this day and age, appearance, safety and attention to detail are a must.

At Rose Paving Canada, we believe that every project is unique and has its own set of circumstances. Our goal is to make your life easier!  With coverage from Eastern to Western Canada, Rose Paving is truly your national parking lot maintenance company.

Rose Paving is looking forward to meeting new friends and potential clients at numerous events throughout Canada over the next few months. We will be attending the following events:

IFMA Toronto Golf Tournament – August 8
BOMA Toronto Golf Tournament – September 17
PRSM Mid-Year Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona – September 26-28
BOMEX in Calgary, Alberta – October 1-3
Manitoba Building Expo in Winnipeg – October 16
PRSM Vancouver – October 18
PRSM Toronto – October 25
BUILDEX Calgary – November 7-8
PM Expo in Toronto – November 28-30

We look forward to meeting you!  Contact us for more information: Call us at 519-280-1580 or email