Paving for Homeowners Associations

Rose Paving / July 17, 2018

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Paving for Homeowners Associations

Here are 5 ways we keep residential areas in tip-top condition.

Managing a homeowners association means you’re responsible for your residents’ happiness and safety. A well-maintained parking lot goes a long way to boosting resident satisfaction and your property’s curb appeal. Rose Paving has paved residential areas for more than 40 years and knows exactly how to mark, seal and pave the way for your property’s success. Learn more about our best practices and why we’re the best in the industry.

#1 Provide ample parking for residents, their guests and service providers.

A navigable parking lot is a valuable amenity for any resident and can influence your property’s value. Rose Paving can help you command higher rents by maximizing the number of parking spaces for your residents and their guests throughout the property. Think ahead and designate secluded parking for your service providers so they can get essential work done efficiently and discreetly.

#2 Use bright lot markings to guide the way.

No one wants to guess where the parking lot is or spend precious figuring out how to navigate it. A combination of signage, clear arrows and numbers will help guide drivers safely to their spots. Our wide array of stencils allows us to clearly map out ADA stalls, lot numbers and designated guest lots to make parking a breeze for residents and visitors alike.

#3 Maintain sidewalks and entryways.

We recommend property managers regularly conduct inspections for large cracks, potholes and uneven surfaces. These imperfections not only make your property look messy, but if left unattended, can result in further damage and injury. Work with a paving provider with national reach to guarantee a professional and prompt response to any damages that arise.

#4 Minimize interruptions to resident access.

Rose Paving is a true partner to our clients, and we have an excellent track record of successful paving projects. Our project managers work closely with property managers to coordinate alternate parking and routes for large-scale projects so residents can enter and exit the property. Our expert crewmembers are no strangers to phasing projects and working around multiple timelines to inconvenience the fewest people.

#5 Opt for standard maintenance to avoid repair

If there’s anything our 40 years of experience has taught us, it’s that proactive maintenance adds years to a parking lot. The philosophy of regularly scheduled maintenance is to prevent cracks from becoming giant potholes. Rose Paving’s customized pavement management plans help property managers keep their bottom lines intact, maintenance dates in order and the future in sight.

Don’t underestimate the importance of well-maintained parking garages and roads. Community appearance is key to resident satisfaction and safety, so work with a team who gets it. See how we can partner with you today.