concrete flatworkConcrete offers exceptional durability to any structure. Concrete maintenance and repair services aide in providing the longest life possible to your concrete areas. Concrete is used in a variety of areas, such as walkways, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, dumpster pads, parking bumpers, walls, ramps, and more. 

Once the concrete has been poured and cured, the aging process begins. Weather, traffic, vehicle use and many other elements undermine the surface causing cracks and holes. Without ongoing preventative maintenance, water can enter through these openings and cause further deterioration. Most concrete will require some preventative maintenance every 3-5 years. Preventative maintenance is designed to fix small problems not structural problems.

Rose Paving offers a number of preventative maintenance and repair options for your concrete:

Crack filling

Repairs the first sign of a crack. With this service, cuts are made into the small cracks of your concrete and then filled with a self-leveling concrete urethane caulking.

Joint / Expansion Caulking

This service uses a durable urethane caulk in the joint to give the concrete the ability to expand and contract.


Repairs chipping or small areas of loose concrete.  A common repair material used for this type of repair is Hydraulic Cement.


Repairs two joining sections of concrete when one side is too high. This service grinds down the high side for a smooth transition.

Concrete Stabilization (a.k.a. Mud Jacking)

Repairs uneven concrete when a side is too low or sinking. This stabilization service cored holes and a cementious slurry is pumped into the concrete to stabilize the concrete.


A common problem with concrete due to the elements and age is corrosion. Sealing the surface blocks the pores in the concrete and forms a protective layer to prevent the absorption of water and salt into the concrete.

Power Washing

Cleaning extends the service life and beauty of your concrete.

Protective Coating

Chemical resistant, epoxy coatings, protects concrete from deterioration and provides an attractive finish.


A well-marked parking area safely directs vehicles and pedestrians as well as making a great first impression on your property.

Effective preventative maintenance services are an ongoing process that needs regular monitoring. Concrete with large cracks or that has started crumbling may be in need of structural repair instead of preventative maintenance. Consult an expert for the right solution for your concrete.


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