How to Plan for Seasonality in Parking Lot Paving

Rose Paving / September 12, 2017

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Seasonal Property Planning: What You Need To Know

Fall is the Time to Start Prepping for Winter: Is Your Pavement Ready?

Fall is upon us, which means winter isn’t far behind. As the seasons change, your property requires specific repairs and preparations, whether winter in your region means rain, snow or sleet. No two properties are exactly alike: factors that should shape your pavement management plan include the materials used in your surfaces and structures, the type and volume of wear and tear your property experiences, and the climate where your business is located. That’s why each Portfolio Management Plans we design for our clients is unique.

What’s a Portfolio Management Plan?

A Portfolio Management Plan (PMP) is a customized long-term strategy designed to maximize the quality and lifespan of the pavement that surrounds your business. The environment and materials surrounding your property will be studied to map out a schedule of preventative measures that will keep your work site at its best for years to come. PMP suggestions may include asphalt patching and repair, preventative concrete maintenance, sealcoating and cracksealing. Prevention is always cheaper than repairs or replacement, so adhering to a thoughtful PMP will save you both time and money.

What Should I Be Doing Now?

That depends on a few factors. If you live in a region where you might see snowfall by Christmas, then it’s time to start scheduling any overdue maintenance; you won’t be able to make improvements to your pavement once it’s covered in ice and snow. It’s also important to protect your pavement in advance from damage caused by cold weather, like potholes, which result from water that has seeped into a small crack freezing, expanding and enlarging the crack into a hole.

If your business is located in a warmer climate, the cool-but-not-freezing fall and winter temperatures are a perfect time for infrared asphalt repair, which smooths critically damaged pavement by flash-heating the existing material and repaving the surface with fresh hot-mix asphalt.

So Do I Need a PMP?

The Rose Paving Portfolio Management Plans provide a systematic approach designed to maximize the lifecycle, functionality, and appearance of your pavement. With a PMP there are no surprises – all damages and defects are identified at one time. Let Rose Paving review your portfolio and provide you with a FREE maintenance plan.