How to Avoid the Most Common Pitfalls of Hiring a Contractor

Rose Paving / September 19, 2017

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Why Contractors Get a Bad Rap

Why Contractors Get a Bad Rap

Contractors can get a bad rap when it comes to construction projects—mostly because they are the ones who have to deliver bad news, such as when a project exceeds its budget or timeline. But the truth is there are also common missteps many contractors make that can frustrate their clients and throw a wrench in even the best-laid construction plans.  Here are four ways Rose Paving works to break the standard contractor mold.

1. Constant Communication

Communication is the most common issue when it comes to contractor/client relationships. When contractors fail to effectively communicate details like the size and scope of a project, the resulting confusion can be frustrating. Poor communication can balloon into a bigger problem when the contractor is the intermediary between the client and a network of subcontractors. We believe that communication is the number one contributor to quality customer service. That’s why each of our clients, whether they manage one site or one hundred, has a dedicated point person on our team with their best interests in mind.

2. Thoughtful Project Management

During a recent Rose Paving project restriping new ADA stalls at the Los Angeles Convention Center, our team coordinated with stadium management to schedule the work in sections during off hours when the lots. We regularly work weekends, early morning hours or overnights to make sure the businesses around our project sites aren’t inconvenienced by construction that could otherwise keep customers away. We think this kind of project management, foresight and consideration should be standard.

3. Respect for the Budget

The best job isn’t merely the best possible outcome, it’s the best possible outcome that the client can afford. Promising to complete an ambitious job within a certain price range is something that contractors must follow through on. Our experience in the field allows us to very accurately price out each project to stay true to our word. Keep experience in mind any time you are evaluating a third-party provider!

4. Adherence to Deadlines

While we do our best to schedule and complete our projects to minimize disruptions to our clients’ businesses, some construction projects will inevitably interrupt operations, which translates directly to lost revenue. When it comes to parking lots it’s a double whammy — clients are paying for repair or renovation services, while at the same time losing out on potential profits that would offset them. Time is money, and extra time lost to construction is money being taken from a customer’s pocket. Working with a large national provider like Rose Paving means our broad network is also on the job: if a job suddenly needs extra hands to get done on time, we can double or triple our workforce on demand.


With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, Rose Paving has learned how to do things right. We think our best practices should be industry standards, and that’s how we apply them to our work. Learn more about the Rose Paving difference and request a free project estimate today.