Retail Parking Lots: Before and After

Rose Paving / May 22, 2018

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Retail parking lots

See recent parking lot transformations for our retail clients

If you manage a retail parking lot, you already know that curb appeal goes a long way. Projecting the right image differentiates your storefront from the many other options and makes a great impression on potential customers. See before and after photos of our recent retail projects and learn how Rose Paving keeps parking lots in tip-top shape for a seamless shopping experience.

Delivering on Tight Turnarounds and Maintaining Trust

The secret to paving with your customers in mind is to ensure that maintenance and repairs don’t hinder the shopping experience. An old client in Torrance, CA., called us in for a small repair job because they were satisfied with the quick turnaround and thoughtful execution of our last project together. Rose Paving crews used infrared asphalt repair to effectively address critical areas with minimal disruption. Our crews marked off the area and got to work swiftly, completing the job at a busy downtown retail center over a holiday weekend. Knowing that our client felt she could rely on us in a pinch was the only thing more satisfying than a job well done.


before infrared asphalt repair 1 before infrared asphalt repair 2


after infrared asphalt repair 1 after infrared asphalt repair 2

Returning A Retail Lot to Former Glory

Retail centers are always bustling, so we’ve perfected the art of sectioning off work areas and redirecting traffic. At one of our Illinois sites, our crews were tasked with a 2″ mill and resurface and lot-mark job. The strip mall contained a popular restaurant and busy physical therapy center, so our project managers analyzed the traffic flow and outlined a plan to complete the job in phases with as little disruption as possible. The finished product? A shiny, good-as-new asphalt lot and bright, re-touched stripings that are sure to satisfy customers new and old.



Communicating for Minimal Disruption and Maximum Results

With so many moving parts, communication and planning are key to executing any retail parking lot maintenance successfully. A busy national retailer contacted us to fix a couple of trip hazards and problem areas at one of their Florida locations, as well as crackseal and sealcoat the entire parking lot. We phased the sealcoating over a couple of sessions and coordinated our work around the customer’s deliveries so business could continue as usual. The store remained operational throughout the project with no disruption to customers or internal logistics. See how that new sealcoat shines in our drone pictures.



From meeting ADA compliance to limiting liability and injury risk by repairing potholes or sidewalk cracks promptly, Rose Paving has the tricks and the industry knowledge to care for your lot and your customers. Put your business and customers first by contacting us for a quote today.