Is Your Parking Lot Driving Away Potential Customers?

Rose Paving / June 21, 2017

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Retail Parking Lot

4 Things Every Retailer Should Know About Parking Lots

When it comes to retail, a well-paved parking lot has a greater impact on customer experience than you may realize. A parking lot is a customer’s first impression of a retail space. Cracks, potholes, bumps, and other neglected repairs can reflect poorly on any business before the customer has even walked through the door, and worse, can become a liability. Taking a proactive approach to parking lot maintenance lets you get ahead of unsightly damage, improve the curb appeal of both the lot and the retail space, and make a good first impression with customers.

Parking Spaces

Are your parking spots too close together? Achieving a balance between maximum utilization of space and comfortable distance between parking spaces can be difficult. Tight parking spaces can create crowding and increase the chances of a collision on your property. Reconfiguring your lot to have more breathing room can improve safety and decrease your risk of a liability. Clearly defined markings can also increase safety in your parking lot. Make sure to get your lines regularly re-marked to create a more seamless experience for customers and patrons, and improve appearance of the lot—two simple upkeep procedures that can go a long way.

Overall Condition

Sometimes the problems with your parking lot run deeper than simple cosmetic fixes. Is your asphalt dry, uneven, or starting to crack? Just like anything else, asphalt deteriorates over time, and without proper preventative care, can lead to unnecessary damage and a bumpy ride for any customers parking in your lot. We believe a proactive approach to your parking lot maintenance is the most effective. Rather than waiting until damage occurs to react, find a pavement solution that is designed to prevent damage from occurring in the first place. Preventative care can help stretch maintenance dollars and the life of the pavement at the same time.

Regular Maintenance and Repairs

Even if you’re already taking a proactive approach to pavement management, last minute emergencies and unavoidable damage can still occur. Taking care of these repairs swiftly is not simply an issue of keeping up appearances either. Neglected potholes, cracks, and uneven surfaces can damage tires or trip customers, and you could be liable. Having a partner who can be there in an instant, no matter where you are located, is a big value-ad.

Compliant with the Law

Although a parking lot is smooth, freshly marked, and seal coated, it still needs to be legal. Maintaining ADA compliance is a must, both from a legal and a customer service standpoint. Whether you’re undertaking an improvement project on an existing lot, or looking to meet basic safety and accessibility regulations on new construction, an experienced paving company can make all of the difference. Rose Paving knows all of the ins and outs of parking lot regulations nationwide, something that can help you avoid fines and other unnecessary complications of non-compliance.

If creating a positive first impression is important to you, Rose Paving has more experience than any other paving company when it comes to retail. Contact us today for a free parking lot assessment. We look forward to being your trusted paving partner.