Parking Lot Maintenance

Rose Paving / July 05, 2017

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Parking Lot Maintenance

How to Save Money on Your Next Paving Project

We get it, paving projects can be a huge expense. Even if you have a pavement management plan in place, emergency repairs and large capital projects can catch you by surprise. Here are just a few ways that an experienced paving provider can make all the difference in your next project’s budget.

Accurate Scope of Work

A scope of work is the foundation for an entire project. Errors and oversights in the scope of work can come back to haunt you later. A good scope of work should be comprehensive and specific in regard to timelines, reports, and deliverables. An ambiguous or incomplete scope of work increases the potential for delays and added, unforeseen costs.

Tighter Timelines

Once the scope of work is accurate, make sure the turnaround time is reasonable and realistic. Parking lots are crucial to business, and repairs that drag on for longer than necessary can drain cash flow. Work with a paving partner who’s experienced enough to know how long your project will take, and can complete it in a timely and efficient manner.

Accurate Price Structure

Paving businesses new to the game might be able to offer steeper discounts initially, but over time costs may rise. By contrast, a paving company with ample experience in the industry will have a more accurate price structure in place across multiple sectors and project scopes. This can help your company adopt a scalable pricing model and ensure sustainable business growth over time.

Maintenance schedule

As a business owner, your first priority should always be to minimize inconvenience for customers. Paving projects, large or small, can be invasive to surrounding tenants and businesses, and can even drive away potential customers. Work with a paving partner that offers not only a quick turnaround, but flexible scheduling as well. This will enable you to schedule all maintenance outside of high traffic times and minimize the impact on your customers and tenants.


When it comes to managing a project, communication is one of the most important measuring sticks of success. With one single-point-of-contact, it’s less likely that the details that make a project run smoothly will fall through the cracks. A quality project manager will make all of the difference.

Getting it right the first time

Nothing is more frustrating than finding out your project is delayed, or worse, that it was done incorrectly the first time. Going back to repair the damage on a poorly executed project is a significant drain on your money and time, both of which could be more productively directed elsewhere.

At Rose Paving, we understand how important it is to get the job done right the first time. With 48+ years of paving experience, we’re the number one experts in the industry. Our network of trusted suppliers and contractors around the country means you can always count on high quality service in every market. Even better, you’ll only ever have to deal with one point of contact for all your projects to increase both efficiency and consistency.

Interested in saving money on your next project? Contact us today to find out how we can help.