Watch Rose Paving Work in Warp Speed

Rose Paving / October 24, 2017

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Watch Rose Paving Work in Warp Speed

Watch the Magic Happen In This Time Lapse Recording of A 3-Month Project

For more than 40 years, Rose Paving has tackled a diverse portfolio of projects across the U.S. and Canada. Looking back, so many of these paving projects seem to have flown by, but every single job has been a labor of love where we obsessed over every detail at every step of the process. With that in mind, one of our teams in Georgia had the foresight to set up a time lapse camera before starting a three-month parking lot project to capture the whole journey from start to finish.

The Project


This transformation required us to “basically turn a swamp into a 3-acre parking lot” for a CarMax location in Jacksonville, Fla., said Jesse Smalley, Rose Paving’s Director of Capital Projects based in Norcross, Ga. The project entailed clearing the site of trees and debris, a multi-week first step, and then loading in about 1,200 truckloads of fill material to build up the base elevation for the parking surface. Once fill materials had been spread and leveled, another 150 truckloads of limestone were loaded in. Then the entire site was surveyed, final graded, compacted and tested by engineers. Only then did the paving work began. In all it was a nearly three month process recorded from mid-October through the end of December.

The Story

Smalley said he was inspired to install the camera ten feet above the work site on a nearby light pole because he wanted to document the full scope of a site development project from start to finish. Creating a parking lot from a previously undeveloped plot of land was a complex capital project, Smalley said, which over the course of three months incorporated a detailed engineering plan, a team of contractors, 11 subcontractors and a construction crew that, in all, totaled between 30 and 35 people.

Unique challenges presented by this project included delicate logistics that staggered the workflow in layers to move the process forward as efficiently as possible. Additionally, the landlocked site required a plan for alternative access during construction that was achieved by building a temporary reroute off of a nearby passing highway.

“We overcame each challenge this project presented to us with creative problem-solving, and by leaning on the lessons we’ve learned through years of experience,” Smalley said.

The Takeaways

We love the resulting time lapse video that showcases our methodical and meticulous approach to a start-to-finish site development project like this one. We’re also thrilled to have this creative profile as one of many examples of how creatively our Rose Paving team thinks and how much pride they take in their work. These are some of the hallmarks of the Rose Paving approach to customer service. Learn more about how we can put that philosophy to work for you by contacting us today.