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Rose Paving / October 31, 2017

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Rose Paving Chicago

Recent Paving Projects from the Rose Paving Chicago Office

Rose Paving has called Illinois home for more than 40 years, and with our headquarters in Bridgeview and a sister site in Streamwood, we’re more than equipped to service the greater Chicago area. Our knowledge and experience in parking lot management—especially our familiarity with Chicago’s harsh winters, balmy summers and pothole season in between—is unmatched in the industry, as is the dedication of our team to ensuring our clients are completely satisfied.

We wanted to celebrate our Chicago offices and shine the spotlight on some recent projects that speak volumes about our team’s ability to meet tight deadlines, tackle unusual projects creatively and manage all the details in between. Our teams in Chicago work incredibly hard to go the extra mile, make every project their best and give each of our clients the Rose Paving experience. Here are three recent wins we’re proud of.

Working Overtime to Meet Deadlines with Ease   

Industry: Financial Services

Location: Chicago, Ill.

A large financial services group reached out to our Bridgeview office to give one of their Chicago locations a parking lot makeover as well as fix their storm basins. The bank was in a busy location and saw constant traffic, so our team clocked in all weekend to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The crew worked around the bank’s hours and to complete most of the work in one Saturday afternoon. That day, we repaired four catch basins and installed concrete collars, sealed all the cracks and coated and marked the entire parking lot. The result? Paving that was able to withstand the elements and a safer, more inviting parking experience for their customers.



Making a Parking Lot into a Playground

Industry: Education

Location: Orland Park, Ill.

Our Streamwood office was tasked to create a playground in a school parking lot to balance students’ limited park access. By working with the client to understand their needs, their space and their budget, we decided to create a soccer field, kickball field, four square board and hopscotch games with some creative painting. This isn’t a typical lot-marking project for us, but we applied the same principles of functionality and safety when planning the project. We also researched the proper dimensions for every game we were creating to make the kids had plenty of room to play. Our parking lot stripers are equipped to provide specialized markings like these as needed, so executing our plan and marking the lot with our environmentally-friendly acrylic water-borne paint was easy. Our team had a lot of fun with this project!



A Tale of Two Parking Lots

Industry: Real Estate

Location: Evanston, Ill.

When we assessed this client’s parking lots, we knew that we needed to take two different approaches to get their dual parking lots back in action. The south lot was in dire need of an overhaul because the cracks and uneven surfaces had gone beyond a cosmetic concern and were quickly becoming a safety issue. The north parking lot was in much better shape and just needed preventative maintenance to extend its lifetime and prevent it from falling into similar disrepair. Our team performed a mill and overlay on the 13,777 square foot south parking lot, removing a layer of damaged asphalt and completely replacing it. We then restriped the lot to make it more navigable for visitors. We sealcoated the north parking lot to protect it from gasoline, oil, salt, water, and ultraviolet rays and then called it a day.



freshly painted no-parking zone freshly painted parking lines on repaved parking lot with rose paving trucks  freshly painted parking lines on repaved parking lot freshly painted parking stalls

We’re proud of our Chicago roots, and how they’ve helped make us experts at handling any surface, in any climate, in any conditions. Let us put our expertise to work for you. If you have a paving project coming up in the greater Chicago, Rose Paving is equipped to help. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.