Before and After: Paving Financial Institutions

Rose Paving / September 25, 2018

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Financial institution with new pavement

Our favorite bank paving jobs in photos

Banks attract people from all walks of life, and a safe, well-maintained parking lot welcomes your clients the minute they pull in or set foot on your property. Rose Paving’s network of alliance members is well suited to handle the various needs of banking and financial institutions across the country. Our years of experience have taught us the importance of avoiding interruption, limiting liability and providing a consistent client experience. See how we put it all into action with these two projects.

Saving a parking lot with catch basins and dumpster pad

The Rose Paving mantra is to leave places better than we found them. That’s why we helped a busy bank in Illinois upgrade its parking lot by reinforcing their catch basins and installing a dumpster pad. Their catch basins were located in their drive lanes, so we secured the area before installing four concrete collars ahead of the rainy season. In order to prevent further wear and tear of the asphalt, we also installed a concrete dumpster pad to better absorb the weight of heavy machinery. After we repaired the asphalt, we cracksealed, sealcoated and marked the entire lot. The best part of it? We finished all this work over a weekend afternoon with no major interruptions.



Revamping a busy parking lot

One of our longtime financial clients in Illinois tasked us with revamping a parking lot at one of their locations. After a lot assessment, we suggested they limit their liability and resurface damaged asphalt, replaced crumbling curb and repaired their catch basins. Our team leaped into action once all parties agreed to the proposal and work schedule. We knew that the bank saw constant traffic, so our team phased the work throughout the work week and made sure that we marked off the job site for everyone’s safety. After the repairs were complete, we striped the lot to get it looking as good as new.



Curb appeal matters and helps businesses project a clean, professional image. Rose Paving can play an integral role with your facility management so you can put your best foot forward. If you like what you saw in this post and want us to work our magic on your bank or financial institution’s parking lot, contact us today.