Improving Parking Lots for Big-Box Retailers

Rose Paving / October 09, 2018

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person working on asphalt for a big-box retailers parking lot

Rose Paving’s best practices for a stellar customer experience

From specialty retailers to one-stop shops, big-box stores are part and parcel of daily life. Whether they’re running weekly errands or shopping leisurely, millions of shoppers rely on stores staying organized inside and out. You only have one opportunity to make a good first impression. Customers are sizing up your business as soon as they step foot on your sidewalk or drive into your lot, so make their first impression a great one with impressive paving that’s easy to navigate and risk-free. Here’s how our parking lot experts pave with the customer and business in mind.

Stripe for a functional parking lot

From guiding vehicles safely to exits, to reducing the chance of collision, a strategically designed parking lot does it all. Rose Paving experts can assess your lot design to fit in the maximum number of spaces without compromising the safety and ease of parking. If your business requires a loading zone or designated space for passenger pick-ups, our experts will be happy to help integrate it.

Keep your lot safe for drivers and pedestrians alike

Earning your customer’s trust goes further than delivering on your promises and selling a good product. Delivering a flawless customer experience across all locations establishes your commitment to the people who make your brand possible. Avoid accidents by repairing potholes and sidewalk cracks as quickly as possible. Limiting liability and injury risk keeps your customers happy and your insurance premiums low.

Don’t forget handicapped parking and ramps

Everyone deserves a seamless shopping experience, so we recommend keeping accessibility top of mind at all times. Our pavement experts are aware of every state’s accessibility laws and can help your parking lot go above and beyond what’s required. As a bonus, ramps can even help customers with bulky purchases get to their cars conveniently, freeing up your loading zones and easing traffic congestion.

Conduct repairs and maintenance in phases

Paving shouldn’t be a pain, and you should never have to tweak your delivery schedule or operation hours to accommodate your service provider. Rose Paving breaks down big projects into smaller phases to work around busy periods and operating hours. By sectioning off parts of the parking lot at a time and setting up alternate routes, our crew can make sure our work doesn’t affect your shoppers.

Create a pavement management plan

Flexible yet thorough, pavement management plans allow businesses to plan for the future and keep their parking lot looking sharp, all while staying under budget. Regional property managers lean on PMPs to keep abreast of maintenance needs across all their properties, but even a facility manager overseeing one property will see the benefits immediately.

We like to think of every visitor you welcome on your property as a new opportunity to make a good impression. Work with Rose Paving to demonstrate your commitment to your customers and keep them coming back to your business time after time.