Potholes, potholes, potholes!

Rose Paving / March 24, 2010

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potholeHave you ever driven to the grocery store to pick up the main course only to find yourself in the middle of an obstacle course once you arrive?  Potholes in the parking lot can be a very frustrating and dangerous situation.  And, they seem to appear every year at this time!  Why do you ask?

Water that has seeped through cracks and remained trapped beneath the surface of your parking lot has expanded and contracted all winter long with varying weather conditions.  Most likely, this has resulted in crack widening and, in some cases, the formation of large potholes.  With little or no snow cover remaining, all of these unsightly conditions are now more apparent than ever before!

Because of their size and depth, potholes are a huge liability (not to mention a huge eye-sore, which may even drive customers away from your business).  The best thing to do is inspect your lot carefully to identify defects and prioritize repairs.  A large pothole in a drive lane, for example, will take priority over a crack in a loading zone behind a building.

Address potholes on your parking lot quickly as they will cause extensive and costly damage to surrounding pavement the longer they exist.   And, beware of temporary fixes to potholes.  The proper repair involves removing and replacing the asphalt to ensure a long-lasting and safe driving surface.

Got potholes?  Got questions?  Ask us and we will answer…