FMC 2010

Rose Paving / March 17, 2010

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In just seven days, on March 24, Rose Paving Company will host its 11th Facilities Maintenance Conference (FMC™) at Aramark in Downers Grove.  Wondering if this event is something you should attend?  Here are four simple questions to determine whether the FMC 2010 is right for you:

Do you oversee maintenance on one, or multiple, parking lots?

Are your competitors “going green?”

Do you want to know more about sustainable parking lot solutions, but don’t know where to look?

Do you like to laugh and have fun?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, plan on attending!

FMC AudienceThis conference is an excellent opportunity for facility and property managers to network with industry peers, learn new tips and best practices for proactive parking lot and exterior maintenance, and discuss prevailing issues with industry experts.

Educational sessions will focus on transforming parking lots into ecological and financially sustainable sites, by discussing hot topics like stormwater management, urban heat islands, and sustainability.  Guests will also learn how to rate the surface condition of their parking lot, plan for the most cost-effective repairs, and perform accurate budgeting for future procedures.  Attendees have the opportunity to earn continuing education credits upon completion of the conference.  Other special events include a comedy hour delivered by John Caponera–Chicago’s renowned comedic veteran–best known for his Harry Carey impression, and a live raffle drawing.

Time is running out so reserve your spot today!  Join us on March 24th at the Aramark Facility located at 2300 Warrenville Road in Downers Grove, IL.  More information on the Facilities Maintenance Conference including registration, program, schedule, and contact information is located at fmc2010 or by calling (888) 773-7673.