What Are the Signs You Need Parking Lot Striping?

Rose Paving / March 25, 2019

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Parking Lot Striping Rose Paving

Your parking lot is the first thing your customers notice when they visit your place of business. We can all agree that first impressions are important, and a well-maintained parking lot lets your customers know that you consider every detail. Parking lot maintenance isn’t just a necessary task; it’s a reflection of the way you do business. Keeping your striping and other markings in top form help boost favorable opinion of your place of business.

How do you know when you need parking lot striping?

Take a look at the overall appearance of your parking lot markings. Have they been worn down by vehicles, harsh weather, or excess salting? Are they faded and dull, making it difficult to see divisions between stalls or impairing lot navigation? Ideally, striping should be maintained every 18-24 months or when the pavement marking is visibly reduced to around 75% of the original appearance. This regular care ensures that markings are clear, making your parking lot easy to navigate for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Parking Lot Redesign for Compliance

There are several reasons why your parking lot may need a redesign and new striping. One may be that your existing parking lot striping is not up to ADA code. With more rigorous regulations in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), non-compliance in terms of available spaces, sizing, and appropriate coloring is not only a liability issue, but it’s against the law. At Rose Paving, we are highly knowledgeable when it comes to pavement marking and compliance.

Our staff can determine whether your parking lot complies with regulations, and we can work with you to redesign if necessary. For more information on parking lot compliance, you can take a look at our post and download our white paper.

Pavement Marking Rose Paving ADA Compliance

Redesign Your Lot for Efficiency

Another reason you may be considering parking lot striping is to enhance the layout of your space and maximize efficiency. Making sure you have as many spaces as possible improves the cost-effectiveness of your lot and invites more customers to your location. When your parking lot works efficiently, with clear directional arrows for the flow of traffic and attractive spaces, you boost customer opinion and create a safer lot.

Improving safety for pedestrians is part of creating a more efficient parking lot. The addition of clearly marked crosswalks, loading zones, stop bars and pick up areas reduces the number of accidents occurring and demonstrates your dedication to customer safety. These markings indicate to your customers the right way to navigate your lot and can save you money by lowering the number of collisions on your property.

Parking Lot Maintenance by Rose Paving

Here at Rose Paving, our crews are highly skilled and are able to complete the parking lot striping you need in the most efficient way. Using our airless striping machinery, our teams are able to apply the correct film thickness to ensure a durable, even finish. Each line and marking is completed to the highest quality, with our stripers equipped to provide any specialized markings that your parking lot requires.

To ensure the best quality end result, our crews will prepare your lot for striping, including removing debris and old striping if necessary to create a clean finish. Read more for a closer look at what goes into parking lot striping.

Whether your parking lot is in need of maintenance, a redesign, or needs a makeover for aesthetic purposes, Rose Paving is ready to help. Get in touch today to see how we can create a safer, more attractive, functional lot for your location.