Repair Denver’s Harsh Winter Damage with Asphalt Repair

Rose Paving / April 02, 2019

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Asphalt Repair Denver Rose Paving Winter

Coloradans will be the first to tell you that while Rocky Mountain winters are certainly no joke, the winter season in Denver gets a bad rap. Although the snowfall is considerable, the relatively mild winter is perfect for outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and other outdoor fun. Fluffy snow and spring skiing aside, winter weather doesn’t actually have to be harsh to damage your asphalt.

Cold and moisture are damaging to asphalt and concrete structures — the longer you wait to protect your asphalt, the harder it is to repair it. Luckily, Rose Paving is the premium paving contractor in Denver and your asphalt’s best defense from harsh winter damage.

How Does Extreme Weather Affect Asphalt?

Asphalt is susceptible to the effects of water damage brought on by extreme weather, which, in Denver, means freezing temperatures and metric-tonnes of snow.

Thankfully, with regular maintenance and preventative advice from Rose Paving, you can ensure your asphalt remains as strong the Rockies.

Effects of Cold & Moisture on Asphalt

As water from snow and ice seeps into the porous asphalt surface, it slowly erodes the slabs structural integrity. However, the real damage isn’t done until the outside temperature drops below freezing. Water expands as it freezes. Moisture-saturated asphalt only needs one freezing cold day to fracture under the strain of expanding water and ice.

Effects of UV Rays on Asphalt

Denver is the Mile High City, which means asphalt in Denver is that much closer to the Sun and its damaging effects. UV rays increase the rate of surface deterioration, which can produce soft spots and small waves across your asphalt surface.

UV rays and daily use also weaken the components that bind the asphalt together, which can cause the rich black color of new asphalt to fade to a dull gray. The best way to protect your asphalt from high heat and UV rays is by sealcoating cracks as soon as they occur and regular preventive maintenance.

How to Prevent and Repair Erosion & Damage

With a little preventive maintenance and expert paving advice from Rose Paving you can defend your asphalt from the damaging effects of Denver’s harsh winter weather.


Regularly cracksealing your asphalt increases the lifespan of your pavement by preventing water and debris from accumulating within the cracks of your asphalt surface.


Sealcoating protects your asphalt from oil and gas spills and prevents the spread of stress fractures, thereby improving the aesthetics of the asphalt surface and prolonging the life of the entire asphalt structure.

Storm Basin Repair

Storm Basins are designed to catch and deter water from the asphalt surface before it can accumulate and cause damage. However, it is not uncommon for heavy rain and runoff from melting snow to shift a storm basin from its intended position.

If you notice cracks in your storm basin or water accumulating where it shouldn’t, it’s time to call Rose Paving right away at (303) 745-4100. It only takes an inch of water to cause thousands of dollars in flood damage.

Protect Your Asphalt from Harsh Winter Damage

Rose Paving is the premium paving contractor in Denver and the best line of defense between your asphalt and the damaging effects of winter weather.

From large corporate projects to essential maintenance and repair, we offer only the highest quality custom paving solutions to customers throughout the Denver area.

Our professional salespeople and expert technical staff are on call and ready to tackle your paving projects and provide you with a seamless client experience.

For more tips on how to repair asphalt damage contact Rose Paving today.