FlexKrete Concrete Repair Product

Rose Paving / April 30, 2014

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FlexKrete Curb Repair
A concrete curb repaired with FlexKrete.

We are always on the lookout for products and technologies that can save our customers time and money.  After reviewing and testing, we found that, under certain conditions, a great alternative to removing and replacing large sections of concrete is a product called FlexKrete, distributed by Protective Products, Inc.

FlexKrete is a strong, fast-set, concrete repair product. It is especially beneficial for patching areas that are structurally sound, but have some spalling and cracking at the control joints as well as chipped or broken curbs and flatwork.  There is no shrinkage as with other epoxy-type patching material.  And, it has a high resistance to moisture, heavy traffic, UV rays, and salt.  Plus, once cured, the material will have a strength rating of approximately 10,000 psi.   Other benefits include:

  • Cost savings – about 35% less than concrete replacement
  • Time savings – minimizes time spent on site
  • After treated, area is available for immediate use
  • Fills voids, eliminates water penetration, and minimizes heaving and erosion
  • Can be used interior as well as exterior
  • Can be applied from 140 degrees F to -40 degrees F
  • Can be used for horizontal (potholes, divots, etc.) or vertical/overhead repairs (columns, walls, beams, etc.)
  • The material can be colored to match existing concrete
  • The material can be striped or painted once cured

To discuss this product and its viability for your concrete investments, please contact your Rose Paving Representative.  For additional information on FlexKrete products, testimonials, and project photos,  please visit www.flexkrete.com