Beautify your parking lot for Spring

Rose Paving / April 23, 2014

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Spring is the time to get in shape for summer; whether that means hitting the gym before swimsuit season or de-cluttering your house, ‘tis the season for new beginnings.  Your business can also benefit from a re-fresh, starting with your pavement.  Now is the time to evaluate, prioritize, and schedule repairs for your parking lots.  After all, it is up to you—the facility professional—to maintain the safety and integrity of your property.

Freshly sealed & striped parking surface
Freshly sealed & striped parking surface

The following is a “must-have” checklist to get your parking lot fit for summer:

  • Walk your parking lot and note cracks that have either widened or formed over the harsh winter months.  Cracks that measure 1/4-inch to 1-inch wide are good candidates for crack sealing.
  • Consider if your parking lot or parking garage structure needs to be swept of dirt and debris.
  • Take note of catch basins throughout your parking lot.  Pay special attention to sinking or deterioration which may indicate a problem beneath the surface – such as broken concrete rings or inlet pipes.
  • Pinpoint if sealcoat and lot marking has started to fade.
  • Assess any damage from snow plows, such as broken curbs, excessive salting, and damage to catch basin lids and surrounding asphalt or concrete.
  • Identify areas of standing water on your parking surface, as these are depressions and areas where asphalt and/or concrete may have heaved.
  • Determine whether your lot is in need of basic preventative maintenance repairs or structural repairs.
    • Basic preventative maintenance repairs include asphalt or concrete patching, catch basin adjustment, sealcoating, crack sealing, lot marking, and infrared asphalt repair.
    • Structural repairs include asphalt or concrete reconstruction, resurfacing, or removal and replacement.
    • Evaluate your budget for parking lot repairs.  Has that figure been approved for maintenance on your property?  Don’t delay parking lot repairs – you will end up spending more money on the same services in the second half of the year.
    • Speak with a reputable paving contractor regarding any problem areas you’ve noticed on your parking lot.  Once determined, communication is key to keeping your parking surface safe, business running smoothly, and customers and tenants happy.

For more information on any parking lot maintenance repair, please contact us or comment below today.